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  1. I am rather disappointed in this building. I hope they decide to go above 20 stories. I don't care as much about height as I do about in-fill, so this is OK. Let's hope more companies decide to invest in the city.
  2. This is an interesting article in today's Times Dispatch concerning the growth in the number of apartments in downtown Richmond. 1,300 units have come online since 2010. Vacancy rates are only at 4.2%, and developers see no end in sight to the growth we are experiencing in the city. Good news for Richmond! http://www2.timesdispatch.com/business/news/2012/may/27/tdmain01-apartment-boom-in-downtown-richmond-ar-1945580/
  3. I know that there are Cedar Works apartments at Rockett's right across the street from this building, but the article called this building Cedar Works as well... that's why I did. Here is the building on google maps... http://maps.google.c...260.45,,0,-8.02 Yes, it's right behind 210 Rock, the modern apartment building.
  4. Looks like Rockett's Landing just landed a big tenant! BrownGreer law firm will be renovating the Cedar Works building to serve as their new headquarters. http://www.richmondbizsense.com/2012/04/30/browngreer-goes-waterfront/
  5. I really wish they would scrap all the plans they have for "high-speed rail" that they have now (it's going to be a joke any way). We need a forward thinking, independent board to decide how to proceed. Americans are so backward thinking in this. And I'm sorry, but small towns like Ashland should not be visited by high-speed rail... it slows it down way too much. I don't think that a couple thousand people living in Ashland should dictate the route of an interstate rail line any way. If they're afraid their town might lose business, move to Richmond. On another note, I spent some time thinking about rail for Richmond, which could be done in 10-15 years easily running parallel to many existing rail lines. What do you think of it? \ Red Line Amelia Courthouse Hallsboro Watkin's Center Huguenot Chippenham Manchester West Main Street Station Highland Park Mechanicsville Blue Line RIR Sandston Stony Run Road Main Street Station Barton Heights Boulevard- Science Museum of VA Dumbarton- Staples Mill *Glenside And Broad *Gaskins *Short Pump **West Creek Green Line Hopewell Downtown Fort Lee Petersburg Ettrick- VSU Chester Bensley Manchester East Main Street Station Barton Heights Boulevard- Science Museum of VA Dumbarton- Staples Mill Glen Allen Ashland * new rail path (follows Interstate 64) ** future station possible How much money would this cost if I wanted to put in two new rail lines running parallel to the ones already there?
  6. You're right, but how can we do anything about it? There's that group of people who won't listen to reason but just want to downsize government any way they can. Isn't it more important to have a steady revenue stream rather than a one-time payout? I've read many comments by people who think that the privatization of ABC will result in lower prices for alcohol, even though the governor himself states this isn't true.
  7. Is any thing happening in regards to this building? No one's posted here for a while.
  8. This is awesome having a cruise ship terminal so close to home! Does any one know if most size cruise ships can dock there or is there a limit? I saw their schedule and it looked like most could.
  9. LOL, I hope we dont get another parking lot. The new building looks great. Is there any thing we can do to improve the chances of the Capitol getting WHS status?
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