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  1. Wouldn't the decision to take things slow be yours just by making the decision to take Amtrak? And it's really not all that bad that it goes slowly; I take the train from home in LR to school in Chicago every time that I'm making the trip (and the other way around). The train is always late, but it's relatively dependable in its lateness, and rather than going to the station and waiting for the train, you're supposed to call Julie (Amtrak's automated phone service woman thing). Don't get me wrong, though, I would love higher-speed service and dedicated ROW for Amtrak trains (almost nothin
  2. I'm pretty sure the Walgreens will look just as any of the others, just not set back as far. At least, that's the case for almost all the Walgreens in Chicago: still ugly, but at least more pedestrian accessible.
  3. I've never thought about there not being signage (is that a word?) directing people to UALR, but there definitely should be, esp. from the University exit at I-30.
  4. That would be wicked, and with a little coaxing of people could definitely work. I've always thought that if our nation did start investing in passenger trains again, Little Rock-Memphis would be a really logical route. It's really too short a distance for flying, IMO. There's already very straight track/ROW along this route, so it would be easy to adapt to high speed trains.
  5. We should stop this. It's quite off topic. All I was trying to demonstrate is that this isn't as simple an issue as EJC makes it to be.
  6. OK, I'm pretty sure Brooks brought in at least one of those people, and of course they're going to be willing to leave their jobs for a higher-paying one. Naturally, I was hyperbolizing when I said everyone hated him. However, I went to school (recently) in the LRSD, my mom is a counselor at another school, my aunt teaches at yet another, and they/I don't know a SINGLE teacher who liked Dr. Brooks. Not a one. I remember my teachers ranting about him when I was in school there. Black and white. Also, I would say to anyone reading this that EJC's comments are highly biased, and that Dr.
  7. People definitely aren't loading up in their SUVs and going downtown, and I hope that will stay the same, because lord knows they're already wasting enough gas. I think that if Market Street, or some new art theater, moved downtown it would be a perfect match. Generally speaking I'd say much of the population that attends Market Street lives in QQ, Hillcrest, Heights, etc., not in Chenal. I would go to movies there all the time if it wasn't a freaking 20 minute drive into WFLR. Now, I hardly make it out there once a year (admittedly I only live here for half the year), but if it was in the
  8. How is acceptance/ enrolment supposed to work for this school? Also, what a slap in the face to the LRSD, and all their efforts to get Roy Brooks out of LR. I guess other teachers/ administrators in the district don't have to deal with him any more. However, part of the reason they wanted to get rid of him so much is HE IS A TOTAL JACKA**, and everyone in the district hated working for him, so I say good luck to the kids and teachers at this new school.
  9. I have been reading a few complaints on the Argenta News blog of people wishing the trolley went faster/ didn't get stuck in traffic. Indeed (IMO), in order to make it an effecient system, the trolley does need to have a somewhat dedicated way. Also, I don't know what that DemGaz article said, but this is what I can tell you about one-way streets. In the case of opening up 2-3 lane downtown streets which were formerly two-way traffic to one-way, this is indeed an excellent way to decrease pedenstrain friendliness, and kill the urban atmosphere. In fact, the making of one-way streets is o
  10. I've been doing some thinking about the problems that the trolley faces, and have an idea. It seems to be the fact that the trolley gets stuck behind traffic (especially on Clinton Ave in the River Market area) is a major detriment to its ability to run efficiently. In Paris, and in many parts of Europe, major streets all have dedicated bus lanes, which only buses, taxis, and bikes are allowed to use. Would it make sense to make Clinton/ Markham one way from Cumberland/ La Harpe to where the trolley turns at Commerce St? In effect, the left lane would be the car lane, and the right lane co
  11. That's sweet! And 2 blocks or so from where I live when I'm home. It's so good that Boulevard is doing well; anyone who hasn't been there definitely needs to check it out (Heights or Rivermarket).
  12. I think extending the trolley down Main St to the QQ, or SOMA as some people apparently call it, would energize those neighborhoods, similar to the way it did Argenta. I don't know if we can agree that the cost of putting a trolley down there is worth the benefit, but I'm sure everyone agrees that it would truly help out an area that could use a hand. By the way, has anyone lately walked around the area between 14 and 16 or so, east of Main St? (Not that I would recommend going out there today, effing 106 degrees). I was surprised at how much development is going on in that area.
  13. I agree, EJC, that we've been there and done that on this topic. If there is indeed light rail being planned to the airport, would it follow one of the railroad rights of way that is currently leading toward the airport? That seems logical, although I don't know how used those railroads are. EJC, would you support light rail to the airport? Also, sorry, f*** the Chicago School.
  14. I would say that anything that greatly benefits downtown Little Rock--as I feel RiverRail certainly has--beneifts the city and the region "as a whole," since DT LR is kind of a front door to the rest of CA. I think we can agree the general development of the River Market District over the last decade has benefited the city/ region as a whole, so I feel it follows that each individual accomplishment downtown is helping CA by extension. I also sense that RiverRail in particular has been a boon to the image of LR, as it demonstrates some of the progressive bent of the city, and defies the ste
  15. That's pretty intense. I had no idea there were that many projects recently/ underway in the QQ.
  16. This is truly great news, especially considering the pessimism I remember seeing a lot of in the last year (in the DemGaz I think) when the ridership went down. Since I got home this summer, I've been downtown a few times, and every time the trolley has seemed at least half-full, sometimes packed. I think the system is working great, certainly paying off for those businesses near the trolley, and hope some of the proposed extensions will come to fruition!
  17. I imagine all of these areas will experience multiple slowdowns and booms before they reach 100,000, but I would say that both Conway and Fayetteville have big advantages since they're college towns. UA and Hendrix and UCA aren't really going anywhere. I think, however, that a lot of the draw of these towns is affordability and availability of space, and I don't think either of those can be upheld much longer until these cities (and LR too) learn to enforce some kind of structure on how the city grows, not necessarilly anything drastic like only allowing dense, mixed-use development, but an
  18. abdintp, #36, I think. Born and raised in LR, but live in Chicago. Next year in Paris and Istanbul. Still, my heart's in Arkansas.
  19. I was at the Flyish Fish last night, too! Small world. I wonder what Chicago would do with a trolley...
  20. Just curious, what do non-college-affiliated Conway residents think of the urban village that Hendrix is building? Are they excited, would they have preferred that the college work with the city in redeveloping the actual downtown rather than just creating it's own, artificial downtown, do they see it as an encroachment on their own style of city building, etc? I certainly see where Hendrix is coming from, but the school is only 6 or 8 blocks from downtown, and that area has a lot of potential, IMO. Any thoughts?
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