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  1. If im correct, the new bbq/ chicken place is another Corey Hart/ Shannon Williams venture. Does anyone know what's the hold up on its opening?
  2. No, but he's been quite the topic of conversation. There are more posts about him than there are about the business that he is opening.
  3. Im sure that all the studio 64 buzz might have something to do with the rumors of a particular downtown salon closure that has left some looking for a new salon as well as stylists looking for jobs. And, as for a response to that silly question, maybe we need a "Who's Paul Tato?" topic, rather than who's mike vorce:)
  4. American Bread Company on Bridge St. is phenomenal! I was there not too long ago, and the still had doughnuts and pastries then.
  5. No particular reason, just curious.... I recognize a couple people on their myspace page.
  6. Are there any other partners involved? From what i've found thus far, it sounds like they may have a booth at the bridal show at mcfaddens this Friday.
  7. Thanks! I'll have to check it out.
  8. It is in the same building as Ritz Koney. I had lunch at Mcfadden's last week and noticed the Studio 64 sign on the 2nd floor of that building. Just wondering if anyone had any info about it.
  9. Sorry, I hadn't snooped around enough to realize it had already been answered. Thanks for the heads up! Has anyone heard anything about Studio 64 over on Ionia? It's in the building next door to McFaddens.
  10. It's from Level bar, they were supposed to be changing their name to Red Star
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