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  1. There's danger in just about everything, but great cities don't avoid doing something because "something bad might happen".
  2. Since this is the East Nashville thread, I'll say the Fond Object site's current design has yet to materialize after many discussions with public input. But, a City Architect could do many things apart from just "weighing in" on specific developments. They could be an advocate for the profession in a political sense (think health, safety, and welfare of the general public). They could be the individual tasked with interpreting gray areas of code and even updating the Downtown Code along with the Planning Department.
  3. The local chapter of the AIA has been pushing for a City Architect for a while now. Fabian Bedne would be a great one. Cyril Stewart would be as well. We got options there but need to get it considered.
  4. It would be a 10 figure number to make this happen today, I'd say. We need to hope that technology comes far enough along that the mass of cords and wires in there are rendered obsolete. I'm not holding my breath. It used to be nothing but telephone connections and now it's all internet and mobile stuff.
  5. Looks great. The poor people who haven't visited Nashville in last 2 years or so are going to be super lost in this part of town in 3 more years or so.
  6. Hill Center Greenwood was desperately needed for pedestrian-sake. I've noticed a bunch more pedestrian activity down Greenwood as well due to this. Would be lovely to have a cross walk at either 12th or 14th and Greenwood.
  7. I wouldn't describe this as HQ2. It likely will be as impactful as Austin. I think Austin is simply a "location" for tax purposes and optics (closer to California). Looking forward to poking through the interstate at Cleveland and Grace Street. My guess is that Grace Street becomes the pedestrian throughway that could carry on towards the proposed pedestrian bridge...maybe dying into the Nuehoff development at Taylor Street? Those familiar with that Germantown project know that a bridge would be super impactful here.
  8. All you need to know is the Perkins Eastman is perfect for this job and will drastically alter (and improve) the east side of the river for years to come. This is not simply a project but an undertaking of a huge amount of land.
  9. It's entirely possible that the Hair World owners simply aren't willing to sell now at any cost. The gas station could be a stop-gap until they can consolidate at a later time.
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