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  1. There are some decent photos of this project on the ESa website. The images of the amenity/bar space above the garage levels turned out great, IMO. https://esarch.com/portfolio/hospitality/
  2. You have to specify the HIGH quality stain and get a good species of wood. Nice stain is expensive so my guess is that you are correct. There are good applications of wood cladding around town that have been up for years that still look great...just few and far between.
  3. That's what I was hoping for.
  4. That fencing is for the lay-down yard for the Asurion project east of 11th Ave. We'll have to wait and see if we hear anything about this project in the coming days.
  5. I’ll rate that whole ordeal 1 out of 5 stars. Do not recommend. Missed out home by a few feet. Neighbors aren’t so lucky.
  6. There and juuuuuuust a bit to the left. The red brick warehouse building goes too. 12th and Porter will remain (huzzah).
  7. Just going to weigh-in here...the "contest" people are referring to is likely the AIA Middle Tennessee Design Awards People's Choice. https://aiamidtn.submittable.com/gallery/8aacc7e3-fadc-4429-a5e4-0a3e0599375a/ Voting for it or not will have zero bearing on whether the project happens. The voting is supposed to be anonymous but, for the most part, we all know who the architects are on these projects. With that being said, the architect on that submission is in the immediate area of the project and is doing some fine work around town. They had been in close with the previous owner, so I'm not sure if this was a rendering for a proposed project that the owner used as leverage to sell or if the new owner loved the work so much that they bought the garage to pursue this project specifically. All that being said, the AIA's Celebration of Architecture event will take place October 29th at the Wilburn Street Studio in East Nashville. http://www.aiamidtn.org/events/2019-design-awards-celebration-party/
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