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  1. Yeah it would have been nice. Really tough financing a hotel right now which is likely why so few have begun construction in the downtown core since 2021. I believe this is one of two projects that were able to start downtown post-COVID?
  2. Careful now. Don't need anyone muddying the waters there with those fine folks in Raleigh. If you want to see the Holiday Inn Trash Can design, you may travel to Charleston, SC to see it. I don't need both Carolinas represented for that particular design...especially when it is so problematic in addressing active street frontages.
  3. This was Marr and Holman's first Art Deco project...and if you've been inside, you'd know that the inside is NOT Art Deco at all. Guess they were still figuring it all out in 1929.
  4. Of note for everyone regarding this: https://www.hotelmanagement.net/openings/rockbridge-s-newest-nashville-project-noelle-officially-opens
  5. They JV on development. I'd bet that this is not the direction.
  6. Still showing that bend in 2nd Street at the stadium. *eye roll* The NFL Domain radius is likely to make that stretch of 2nd Street pretty tough from an urbanist point of view but it's good to see the north and south sides substantiated to have more plausible active frontage.
  7. The current heights are based on practical capacity of infrastructure. I imagine there would be opportunity for increased height allowances that follow prescribed road maps similar to our current Bonus Height Program.
  8. Don't lump the zealous Edgefield neighbors in with the level-headed East End neighbors. 5 Points is actually in East End and the NIMBY responses in that neighborhood are generally calls for greater density of housing to be accompanied with any tentative development. This project is entirely within Edgefield's purview.
  9. Generally correct. I believe the question is “how tall is this project at 21 stories?” That is determined by the DRC and Planning Staff. They allowed for the “grade level” to be considered at Church Street instead of 12th Avenue, So this is 24 stories from 12th Avenue but 21 stories from Church Street. They are placing the 19th floor concrete now. They’ll place the 20th, 21st, and Roof Floor before being topped out.
  10. But a major point of modernist structures is to detach from stylistic decisions. The "sandstone" is exposed aggregate precast concrete. The color is honest to what it is. As soon as you decide to paint it, you are now beholden to paint it again in 10 years...and again 10 years after that...and so on. Not just for trendy updates, but also for maintenance. I think of it as being wasteful.
  11. Saw them out there the other day taking a look around. Early stages. Flow test is typically an early "need to know" item to begin a design.
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