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  1. @bwithers1 has there been any discussion about updating the Five Points Overlay District with MDHA? I know that's a long shot, but I would be a huge proponent of reaching back out to Hunter Gee to have his office take a new look at what the area needs and likely expand the footprint of the affected areas. In 2000, the needs of Five Points were vastly different than what they are today (mostly due to the success of the overlay, IMO). Complete sidebar and another long shot, but I'd also wonder if there is any wiggle room on the R.O.W. designation on the typical street section in the heart of Five Points as the sidewalk widths simply are non functional. Would be pretty nice if our MCSP cut would scale back the on street parking to make way for the turn lane heading north on Woodland at the stop light...then we could expand the sidewalk widths (and tree well designation).
  2. It was eventually approved, actually. Lots of scrutiny and teeth mashing over it. I believe it required TIF money that it didn't get, but that was ages ago it seems...I may be incorrect.
  3. Far East is across the street from 37206 Building. Financing for condominium projects get super complicated when the commercial usage is above 25% of the project.
  4. Contemporary building code creates greater cost with a building that is above 420'-0" (requires higher strength concrete and some elevator upgrades). If you're building above 420'-0", you tend to spend the money that would go on a "crown" on the building itself. Furthermore, I think crown pieces are a bit out of fashion as developers have re-evaluated their usefulness. Look at the tallest structures built recently in New York. Most of those don't have ornate tops.
  5. Got any photos looking just slightly more to the right?
  6. Not to be overly pessimistic, but I’m personally more nervous. STR village will get the most bang for your buck.
  7. March 1st, Bill Martin's Grocery is to be off the site.
  8. It went on the market at the end of October. Sold in a week (pending). These types of transactions often times have a 90 day feasibility study associated with them...which we are coming up on. Two doomsday scenarios here: 1: Hotel or 2: any Multifamily housing with AirBnB associated with it. If I had to guess, the best return on that amount of money would be to tear down and pack in the townhomes at $750,000 a pop. I predict it will get ugly with the neighborhood.
  9. Whole sale disagree here. Very poor attempts at making this work. “Let’s put in some grass and some trees” is not an appropriate urbanist response.
  10. I actually did forget that. I still think that if the city wanted to make a concerted effort into making this park work, the library would have to play a key role. If no one is willing to do this then bring on 65 stories!
  11. I would imagine they complain about the park as much as anyone as they have guests and patrons that could benefit from its usefulness. I could see a scenario where they might want to own the land and deed it to a trust that could dictate what happens there. We may never know though. Should be interesting to see how the City Council plays out on this.
  12. I think the Public Facility (library) across the street could be integral to the discussion in programming...as could the Ryman, the Hermitage Hotel, Suntrust Bank, heck I could see Cheekwood doing a sponsored series out in the park. I'm not necessarily against the tower proposal, but what I have a hard time believing is that there has ever been a capable attempt of making the park work. Paley Park is very close to the New York Public Library yet that seems to work just fine.
  13. Or leave the fountain in and actively program the park like a big city is supposed to do.
  14. Could be anywhere if he's wanting to put another floor on an existing building with a new build.
  15. There was a time that excavating was nearly equal once you factored in what you are putting on the outside of the garage for screening purposes. Those days are gone. Side bar, I'm not sure if the city's major underground storm water line is below Margaritaville Hotel or not, but many areas in this part of town simply are not allowed to go below grade.
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