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    The West End

    Talked to folks at Mac's Speed Shop, they said one more month of construction. They knocked down a street light. Hope it doesn't take too long to replace.
  2. Any favorite meat, tea, and three restaurants in Greenville?
  3. Trader Joe's footprint would be less than 25% of a BiLo. Here in Marietta GA, they chose new construction over several available locations (including a vacant Winn-Dixie). Don't know if that's the norm for them or not. I think that prior to more expansion, Trader Joe's desperately needs a southern distribution center. They seem to be constantly out of stock here in Georgia. It's a long way to Needam MA.
  4. Tanner's Big Orange and a bag of fried peanuts. That brings back some memories. Used to go to the Tanners on Main when I was a kid. You'd get your Big Orange in a megaphone looking contraption. It's still good stuff today and they have great ice. I wonder if there's any OJ in it today.
  5. Where's the best cheeseburger in Greenville? The last place my wife and I tried in Greenville was Red Robin. Okay burger, but I'm not a fan of "steak fries". Overall, we preferred Five Guys. But, I have to admit, the alcohol and burgers concept at Red Robin is kind of cool. We still favor the old school cheeseburger plate half and half (cheeseburger, slaw, half an order of fries, and half an order of onion rings) from The Clock on White Horse Road. I realize this does not fit with the haute cuisine posts in this thread
  6. Wow, I am surprised to see so many AAA clubs so close to their parent clubs. Thanks for the info. This is a great forum and y'all have made my wife and I homesick for Greenville.
  7. I think Birmingham is way too close to Atlanta to get the AAA club. I believe it would detract from attendance here in Atlanta. You see a lot of Alabama plates in the parking lot.
  8. I love Clemson. I love baseball. I think lower A is quality baseball. Try to think of it as collegiate level baseball with wood bats and BEER!
  9. They like to take a lot of credit for the American Revolution
  10. Who Am I ... Name: cundvale Age: 55 City of Residence: Marietta GA & Fripp Island SC Occupation: Pilot College: Clemson University '73, Brenau University (MBA) High School: Carolina HS Born: Greenville SC Hobbies: Tennis, Clemson sports, cycling, Texas music (JJW, REK, etc.), beach bum Other Cities I've lived in: Greenville SC, Del Rio TX, Biloxi MS, Dover DE, Fayetteville NC Left Greenville in 1973, looking to return sometime in the next 4-5 years. Very excited about Downtown Greenville
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