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  1. It looks like 1,126 for and 6,635 against removal. I was hoping for more of a landslide to keep them.
  2. This is why we cant have nice things. I was hoping that a massive show of support for the statues would show folks that Greenville is for Art and Artists and not wackos sexualizing things that aren't sexual. Did this not happen?
  3. Didn't India do something similar? Declare victory with only half the population vaccinated and then act like there was no virus and open everything up. Not that Montana, Florida, and Georgia aren't great role models to aspire to I just hope that we don't screw things up and fumble on the one yard line with this.
  4. Was there a threshold of % vaccinated or daily infection rates or unemployment numbers that was met to merit this or are we just winging it in between passing firing squad and concealed weapons bills? I am not saying its a bad decision, I am also not saying its a good decision either, I am just wondering was there a process for this or was it even planned (other than the oblivious "we switching things so one day we will switch it back?" It probably is a good Idea but how would we know ? Was there any research to show that this decision will solve the issue? How has the issue that we are tr
  5. This makes sense for the aforementioned people who would be faced with returning to work at reduced capacity restaurants making $2/hr. They would be screwed. Seems like we have to wait until enough people are vaccinated to allow for enough consumer confidence before things return to normal. When its safe and everyone is back dining, there should be plenty of new workers ready to take anyone's (good) jobs if those on unemployment want to keep sitting this out too long. I am more than ready (and vaccinated) for this to happen and my 5G reception has never been better .
  6. I cant drive by this waste of space and not get angry. I cant wait until someone decides to demolish 98 E McBee .
  7. I was wondering about hearing from potential employees about situations like this. I keep hearing restaurants say no one wants to work for them so they have to close. I thought if you offered someone employment and they turned it down they don't get unemployment. I also read articles quoting owners that no one wants to work for the pay the restaurants are offering. Are there any restaurant employees that can shed light on this? I get that if you work for tips on top of pennies per hour and restaurants are not at capacity that your pay may not cover expenses to work and that you could end
  8. Enforce current ordinances every once in a while. Even sporadic enforcement is a strong deterrent. The folks with motorcycles that have radios with speakers loud enough for the rider to hear through the wind (and their helmets, sheesh) that roll through town without lowering the volume is my number one complaint. You can hear them blocks away and they do it even in the middle of the night or very early morning. Not always the most child friendly lyrics to hear at those times (or any) either.
  9. I hope that it is big enough for something like Comic-Con. Downtown seems very well suited with nearby hotels and all of the attractions and restaurants to really blow this type of event up and make it a great recurring tourism/$$$ draw for Greenville. Not to mention how interesting a sight all of the Cosplayers descending on the city would be.
  10. Maybe we will get a DT refresh soon. I am still seeing an empty slab where the Camperdown is. Must be two years old, maybe more.
  11. Was there supposed to be a pool for the BOA building condos? I thought I remember reading about it but haven't seen it in any photos.
  12. There goes the views for the suckers that bought those pricey elevator townhomes with rooftop patios.
  13. I love this design for this corner location
  14. There seems to be an outbreak of the loss of personal responsibility and lack of concern for the greater good. It seems to be "me" time around this country. Looking forward to when this phase passes.
  15. This is really cool and I like the 148 units focused on senior living for people who have grown up in these neighborhoods to be able to stay near family and so close to the park. It also seems like this land would be worth a hell of lot more than $8 Million.
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