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  1. No one will be calling them shade structures next July. I love how these look (walked past them a few times already) and I love how little they obstruct any views (in any direction, you can see across the "river" and through them and all around ) and seem to blend in so well with what is around them despite their modern appearance. I mean that is quite a feat. They should not be referred to as any kind of shelter (I asked the installers what they were and was told "picnic shelters") in their current incantation, however. They wont shelter against sun or rain. This is the south folks.
  2. local is getting priced out of main street unless they have deep pockets or have been established since it was risky to invest in downtown. This seems natural to me. The "everything is on main" development of downtown was getting old in my opinion. We need side streets to start being developed and hopefully at lower rents than main. This could be a good thing.
  3. This area would be a great spot for a hotel as well. Could get double duty out of any associated parking garage. I would also like to see how downtown has mixed use (restaurants and retail on the street level) expanded here.
  4. I hope the private part paying for some of this is the Embassy Suites (Aughtry owns this ES? that would explain the land donation better, I wasn't sure if he owned the Hotel or sold his land to the Hotel.) They are going to make a killing off of the convention center. It just seems weird that they have so much to gain and have so little skin in this. It really doesn't seem equitable to the other hotels unless this is much larger and less competition although either way, Embassy Suites wins.
  5. So it is basically a city-funded expansion of the Embassy Suites Hotel (I thought there was even going to be a sky bridge connecting them) and in direct competition with other hotels then. This is out of my wheelhouse, does this kind of thing happen all the time? is it legal? I would think it could be avoided if they just made the damn thing bigger. When you say the owner donated the land, is the owner the owner of the Embassy suites or just the person that sold land to Embassy suites? Is it just me or is this how Grisham novels start off?
  6. I haven't missed any of that. Those numbers seem to obfuscate more than shed light. I want an event space to event space comparison and planned vs not planned. So take out the Museum, take out the banquet halls, take out "pre function space" and take out the 24,000 or 25,000 number and use the actual one 17,500. apples to apples. Its 17,500 sq. ft. to 14,381 sq. ft. isn't it? It seems to my untrained eye like the Embassy Suites is making out like literally like a bandit here. All the extra stuff is just more reason not to choose other hotels as conference center options for si
  7. There seems to be a lot of misdirection/obfuscation with all of these numbers. The article goes on to state "According to the city, the five-year economic impact from the conference center is expected to reach almost $23.5 million if the city sticks with a 17,500-square-foot center versus $30 million with a 25,000-square-foot complex." The Museum is nice and everything but isn't the primary purpose (and what we are calling it) a convention center? So we are getting a 17,500 sq ft. conference/exhibition center (when comparing event space to event space, apples to apples) Tha
  8. "Still, as it stands, the sheer square footage of the project, 225,000 square feet, dwarfs the event space provided by the second largest competitor, the Hyatt Regency’s 14,381 square feet, according to the study featured in the presentation from Aug. 23’s City Council work session" Does "sheer square footage" = event space? This seems like it is not an apples to apples comparison if it also includes the museum, etc. (and purposefully misleading.) The following text goes on to clarify " a 25,000-square-foot primary event space for corporate events and exhibitions." It then goes on t
  9. I keep meaning to get some pictures of the trail down to the falls that is being cut out. Has anyone else seen it? I was wondering if this would be part of the construction and it definitely is, at least down to the bottom, not sure about an extension along the base of the river yet.
  10. Me too. I thought up fitting the GHS (Sirrine) stadium would be an interesting option Its very close to downtown and to Church st. so I assume that the impact of added traffic on the nearby neighborhood would be minimized and they already used to game day traffic increases.
  11. Does anyone have any information about the planned/proposed event space at 915 Pendleton St? I think this is the old grocery store with under Trehl/Cargo.
  12. I agree in the short term but in the future this location will be serving the bohemian, all the deca pedestrian and office worker traffic and then be positioned near future development spurred by the bohemian on that side of town
  13. We walked the new section the other day and looking around it made me wonder what kind of safety measures the trail system has. I didn't see any cameras up (maybe I missed them?) which I think is pretty much a no brainer for any new construction where a lot of people will be, let alone jogging paths which historically are magnets for assaults. IMO cameras and lights and call boxes should be some of the first things that go up and the ones at the falls park werent numerous enough to prevent the artwork from being vandalized. This would be a wake up call that there is a problem that will get
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