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  1. I agree with everyone else so far on this. The original building is swallowed up but assuming that the tress work on the exterior barrel mirrors the interior one, I do see how they are trying to pull out the old building visually that way and I do think that is good. The parking lot is huge and the back of the buildings brick work is something I haven't been able to like yet. A lot of parking is something that a business loves to have though, as opposed to other locations, always knowing you will get a spot definitely helps when deciding on where to go. Hopefully that helps this spot get a foot hold on people coming to the restaurant. A popular restaurant here could serve as an anchor for the entire area and could spur more development/jobs. All good things, I hope it does well.
  2. I am wondering how long it will take for office space to recover from all of this with so many now working from home.
  3. Thanks! I read that it used to be an old grocery store (I assume they kept the barrel roof/ceiling). Its an interesting space to create something with. Looking forward to seeing what goes in there.
  4. Does anyone know what is going in the lower level here? I had heard that it might be a restaurant.
  5. gvegascple

    The West End

    The thought of having any more drive-through's grand-fathered to operate in a growing urban core is insane. P.S. I miss funnel(d)licious.
  6. Country themed? They lost me at just country and a little more at "themed".
  7. Using a DC in ATL, the area has become less of a no-brainer. Weather, construction, and civil unrest have become greater security threats in ATL area over time. I see GVL as a welcome alternative.
  8. Whew! Thanks for the update. I for the most part liked where we where going on this.
  9. I think its a lovely symbolic gesture and pretty improvement to an otherwise ugly facade to the building. I do think we could do with more actual changes impacting the lives of our black community than murals. I am tired of decades of mostly inaction peppered with the occasional symbolic gesture to appease while still maintaining the status quo (and this is not a statement about Greenville, more of a generalization).
  10. Does this mean that the old plans are scrapped?
  11. gvegascple

    The West End

    If your business model depends on vehicular traffic, downtown urban sites are not your sweet spot. Downtown is only going to get more pedestrian over time. Downtown streets are not by nature supposed to be designed to accommodate drive through traffic backing out into it. This would block normal traffic and threatens to impede fire, police and ambulance traffic. Thats a hell no for me.
  12. it does and I agree with burying the power lines. Maybe some nice brick crosswalks or make the entire block a brick street.
  13. I am wondering the same thing. Wasnt there also a stage on the end of the visitors center at one point? It now just looks like a patio. I wonder how badly the virus is impacting everyone's budgets. I really liked both these elements and would support any decision to keep the project moving along. Those would be great to add at a later date if they are/were removed.
  14. That location right next to the children's theater seemed great for them. Sorry to see them go, and I ate way too many calories' worth of fried everything there.
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