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  1. just a little product placement for a buddy during a pandemic. I literately shudder to think what is going on that isn't happening in broad daylight on tv.
  2. I am starting to see the June 1st date popping up more as a possible date for things to start their long trek back to normal. two more months of things getting worse and peaking before we are over the hump. I have seen articles on truckers average age and health putting them and supply lines at risk. That TP might be a long way off and more items might become hard or impossible to get if that happens. I noticed some items back on the shelves when I was looking for items I was unable to get before, but not cleaners or paper products. Produce and meats, pasta, sauce, and some canned goods were back. Ice cream was cleaned out, and dishwasher and clothes detergent were almost gone too.
  3. I love a good debate that invokes argument fallacy principles. While I may not agree with some of the points that you make, I can appreciate your tactics. I find that my arguments go down the ad hominem path when frustrated or triggered. I see many go there when they run out of arguments, many seem to have a list of political talking points to parrot and when those are exhausted, they go to one of the fallacies. Some however, come right out of the gate with them (false equivalence, strawman, slippery slope, ad hominem, name calling, etc). Attacking your source is a legitimate response if they are antivax and have a demonstrable bias or agenda though. Not that they might not get something right every once in a while but generally, if the argument is sound, a more reliable source can be found.
  4. The duplex on the corner of Perry next to the Trehel / restaurant development was demolished. Is it related to the project?
  5. I think I remember seeing the stairwell structure having doorway openings that open into the space above the old building, could be wrong though.
  6. I was late to the puzzle buying game and went to amazon looking. Ending up finding some on walmart.com for $9 that Amazon was selling for $50
  7. I thought they would be saving the barrel-roof of the building for the restaurant but now it looks like the new building will be on top of that. I doubt it will be cantilevered over the old structure. Or will it? This one has my curiosity peaked.
  8. Are they going on either side of the building thats currently there? I am really curious now. It looks like they are building on top of what is there. Would love to see an elevation of the project
  9. Guess what else they probably have (or had)? Ventilators. Oops, should have thought ahead (and not like years like in chess, like as in days or hours) before we started in with all the JIYnuh virus nonsense. Oh well, I think they are going to Europe now.
  10. Schools stay closed through April https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/coronavirus/article241425151.html
  11. I just read that we might be going back to normal, no social distancing, business and restaurants to open back up, etc. when the shut down hits day 15 to help out the stock market. Something about the cure being worse than the sickness. Thats next week I think. If this fixes everything Italy could have done this last week and they'd be getting better by now. It sounds a bit like America saying "hold my beer" to me though. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/23/trump-social-distancing-coronavirus-rules-guidelines-economy
  12. This isnt something to take lightly. The findings from studies in the UK projected on the US estimate up to 2.2 million deaths depending on how comprehensive the response is. I am not sure why there is such a cavalier machismo attitude by some. Are we trying to be literal representations of the "hold my beer" meme? 3/19: CDC States Patients Between 20-54 Make Up 38 Percent Of Those Hospitalized With Coronavirus
  13. Do you think it will affect financing negatively? I was thinking there would be more cuts to interest rates making it be easier to get bigger loans for less. Unemployment seems unaffected so far so demand might still be good. Most consumers dont live and die by the stock market so they will continue to buy stuff as long as they have jobs. CEOs might have to sell their 4th vacation home but I am ok with that. :-)
  14. Agreed. it would be a perfect expansion of the park. And Camperdown gets to keep their poolside sun!
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