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  1. gvegascple

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    My wife and I checked out some the houses Reid built over there, not impressed with the build quality. Feels like bare minimum all the way around.
  2. gvegascple

    The glut of available office space downtown

    Anyone heard anything about potential vacancies in the Daniel building? There are rumblings about one of their major tenants having financial trouble. Would add to the excess office space (and suck for employees).
  3. gvegascple

    West Greenville Village

    This area as it is developing now has a very local non corporate flavor with a mix of artists and local shops and places to eat. It has always felt like it was going to be this way to me and a perfect fit that has been a long time coming. Another developing gem to enhance how we are growing. City of Greenville, please dont screw this up (re: Burger King, etc). I also hope that rents remain such that local business can thrive here and not just ones that depend on high margin items like alcohol or that only national chains can afford. Lets keep this area weird, cool, unique... ( our "little" -Athens, Asheville, Austin, etc). I would love to see cool more culturally diverse businesses (like a soul-food version of what Greenvile's Soby's has done for nouveau southern cuisine but reasonably priced) and others that reflect Greenville's past, present, and future diversity. It would be really cool to see businesses reflecting the black and immigrant workers that helped build our town during the textile days as well as those that are helping grow our city today and into the future. I wish this part of town was bigger!
  4. gvegascple

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    Very excited about this. The tower is a must to ensure this is a destination park that draws visitors in along with the events at the gathering hall. The tweaks from the past proposal are spot on in my opinion. The park is something to look forward to now, the playgrounds are much improved, and it adds to Falls Park and Cleveland Park without taking anything away. Really great job, all three parks will be must see destinations for locals and visitors. very pleased, a "hit out of the park" haha.
  5. gvegascple

    West Greenville Village

    Not a fan of this, I thought that C3 is primarily to serve non local pass through automobile traffic ( or heavy commercial) where as C2 is for mixed use. This clearly would be mixed use in my opinion. Its extremely close to residential and I have yet to see how they plan to address that other than typical developer BS to get it approved. ANY business will provide jobs for the community, not just fast food. I also find the notion that the citizens and future citizens of West Greenville being a proper fit only for fast food work to be terribly racist and short sighted. The zoning in this area needs to be carefully considered as it impacts how West Greenville will grow. I hope that we are not planning on treating it like a mere thoroughfare with no consideration to the community and what is happening down in the Village. There is real local growth happening there that blends much better with the future of Greenville. This is not a fit. Also we must consider what more C3 opens the door to in the future. Sure its BK first, and it closes at ten, then it is open til midnight, then 24 hour, then maybe it goes out of business and maybe something much much worse goes in. I cant imagine there are enough positives to outweigh the negatives to Greenville other than short sighted profits for developers.
  6. gvegascple

    The Gateway Site

    Yikes so about what you get from a money market. Well I wouldn't exactly go that far, maybe somewhere in between a QT and the 20 story building that everyone wants here. Id settle for more realistic expectations in the short term.
  7. gvegascple

    The Gateway Site

    Does anyone have a history of the sale prices over the years? 20 years and nothing to show for it, was wondering if you are better off buying an empty lot in TR than this spot regarding ROI. There needs to be alot more development near it in my opinion before its worth investment. Take a bus to downtown? You can do that from Haywood for a lot less. No one would walk to the west end or city center to shop and then have to lug their bags all the way back to this spot. The best retail access they have is to the Hyatt and that spot of North Main which is less than hot right now. Maybe in another ten years we will see something here...
  8. gvegascple

    The Gateway Site

    Why would anyone do that, spend that kind of money when we can still either go out or find one of the many empty parking lots with much better access to invest in? This is sort of this location's Achilles heel? its just a little too far from everything (other than being a great place for a welcome to Greenville sign), access sucks, and there are enough alternative locations left to pass this one up, invest very little, or hang on to it and resell.
  9. gvegascple

    The Gateway Site

    did all of the issues with this site suddenly go away? There is so much renewed optimism, but how do we know this isn't another developer buying and saying they have big plans only to sell again in a few years? How about we put a big "welcome to Greenville" sign there as we go through all of this :-)
  10. gvegascple

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Yeah, there is a lot of architecture that doesnt look that great to me too from the past 50 years, and some that I hated years ago that have really grown on me like mid century moderns. I think that is part of any art or architecture. As much as I want to keep the old, I still want to keep trying new things even if they end up sucking. Its exciting to watch these buildings take form however my one peeve is materials that dont stand the test of time or on the other side of that are too expensive to maintain. Putting up a nice shiny new mixed use office building in place of some 125 year old architecture that 20 years from now is crumbling and the owners have deemed it too expensive to maintain then becomes a dilapidated eyesore and can pull the rest of that block down with it.
  11. gvegascple

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Ive seen this attempted and no matter how much money you throw at it, you cant fake it. Its like a movie set or going to Disney. That being said, Disney does attract a lot of people so maybe I am in the minority here.
  12. gvegascple

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Isnt the character of Greenville from that time period ( e.g. Mast Gen) part of what brings people downtown in the first place? I understand we have the park and great restaurants (and sort of retail that I suspect will be eventually be replaced with bars or restaurant/bars). Its those places that take what any city can have and gives it our "flavor" that makes someone want to leave where they are and come here. I think without them, we would be more like too many other cities our size and not in a good way.
  13. gvegascple

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    Dont know anything here, I have often thought that it was a waste to have those 5 tiny single family homes on those lots with how much property is worth now over there. There is a line of heavy brush behind those homes if I remember right that I think blocks an otherwise pretty decent view out to Paris Mtn if it was cleaned up (maybe).
  14. gvegascple

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Not sure for how much but 411 Perry Ave. recently sold. Tenants received notice of the new owner the last weekend of November. Word is that they intend to tear down the house and will try to build four small townhomes or duplexes on the property. I hope the city makes them do a good job whatever they do. Update: Trulia says it was sold 11/13/2017 for $175,000.
  15. gvegascple

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    It still boggles my mind why this wasnt used as a terrace with the views of the river and mountains. I like the picture but it doesnt compare to the real thing. I guess you CAN have too much good views when it comes to the Embassy Suites.