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  1. A quarter mile is a huge pain in butt if you are trying to develop a subway or trolley. initially, if everyone was concentrated to main, we could hit the density to merit decent transportation options that we could reasonably accommodate because the solution would be relatively simple straight line type of thing, then you branch out. Ok, I am going to shut up now. I hope we get everything everyone wants with no ill effects. Ok, I will shut up after this last point. Lets say we go ahead and grant the 20 stories. The developer then does nothing because the market does not meet the need to merit financing for such a structure. Now we have a valuable and expensive vacant lot. One no one with moderate plans can afford to build on. And we get a vacant lot to stare at for five or ten years when we could have had a well planned, cohesive development.
  2. Right, we'd need tenants for any of these. I just dont think we are at a place to start dropping 20 and 40 story buildings everywhere. I get that I am overwhelmingly in the minority on this. It would be exciting and I love seeing construction cranes but we arent there yet. One day sure, but just because one day, doesnt mean now. Organic growth is growth is not forced.
  3. a twenty story building isnt that tall? I love that everyone is so optimistic and wants tall buildings everywhere. We are going to actually need tenants for these places. Unless we attract more businesses into the spaces we have, we arent going to be filling these buildings that everyone wants. I suppose having 2 20 story buildings for every potential business will be one way to attract companies...
  4. it just seems like everyone is height crazy around here. Willing to give away the city for the chance at a tall building. Especially when we have a perfect place for height already, downtown, along with the Camperdown and the rest of our tall ones. I like a city growing initially out of a concentrated core. It makes it easier to scale things like public transportation which we will need a better answer for pretty soon. Putting tall buildings scattered around will be problematic for traffic and this spot is going to start bleeding into residential.
  5. so when they dont build a 20 story building here, because they wont, the economy wont support it, will we still get stuck with higher taxes? This just seems like a scam to me.
  6. I will still hold out hope that we get a venue here that attracts bands that we dont currently get that we lose to Charlotte, Asheville, and Atlanta. I dont care where it is, well other than woodruff road/ simpsonville :-). Maybe something near downtown and downtown restaurants and hotels would be a nice to have. Anyway, can we put the revolving space needle waffle house here now?
  7. live music that is in between arena tours and a guy with a guitar at Smileys is a huge deadspot here. This is not news to anyone.
  8. its just not time. there are better locations for 20 and 20 plus buildings. if the only one benefiting is the developer, why is everyone so interested in doing this, is it just because the mention of height gets everyone excited? they arent going to build that high there, they just want to be able to sell it for more.
  9. you lost me at "Woodruff Rd". Not every place with a good live music venue is Asheville. The orange peel is used a lot because its a good example of a nearby venue sized to get good talent that isnt going to tour arenas.
  10. I actually want higher than 12 downtown, I even said lets go for 30. But in the downtown core, not here. Wouldnt putting a 20 story building here essentially be putting the BOA headquarters on the site? What you are saying seems to conflict with what you are suggesting. Lets put the tall ones in our urban core, leave this site to 12, seems more than reasonable. only one benefiting going to 20 on this site is the developer, lets think about whats best for greenville instead.
  11. According the the pdf posted a few posts back, 140- 145 feet would get us to around the height of our historical mill smoke stacks. I like that height, I think it would be a perfect compromise.
  12. I want some Gman drone shots. I like the idea of mirroring the mill smoke stacks as kind of a nod to our history. it would be cool to be up there and be reminded of our history with some indications on the way up of where local mill tower stacks line up in the stairwell etc. And then looking out seeing them across the landscape. It just seems like an extra way to add an educational experience and a history lesson to the whole experience. I could see school field trips to the tower to learn about our mill history as part of it. Anyway, I digress. I would also guess that the cost per sq ft to build may rise as the height goes up. if true there is a limit where it becomes not financially feasible I would think.
  13. I dont know, 12 seems reasonable to me, 20 seems out of scale for that spot. Lets focus the 20's and up closer to the CBD in our downtown core and get a 30 story downtown instead. Developers are going to make plenty off the site. Seems silly to hold the site hostage so the developer can build as tall as they want on a spot outside of our urban core. I do think something 20 stories there will impact residential too. I really dont think there is anything unreasonable about not going 20 stories over there. This developer is going to sell the location in a few years anyway (maybe this is the point, if they get it zoned for higher buildings when they sell they will get more, they probably dont care at all about actually building 20 stories, they are thinking about cashing out already). Cant zoning be looked at again should conditions change in 10 or 20 years? We aren't Charlotte yet, no need to build like we are.
  14. is it bound by the zoning around the park or grandfathered to something else? what type of development is allowed there? Is it going to be blend in with how the park is planned or be something in stark contrast? I assume Hughes will do something appropriate that adds the park. Condos with bottom floor retail/office space I suppose if done tastefully wouldnt be awful and still allow some public access.
  15. so in a circular way we are back to the county office building will be built fairly close to as depicted and is not just a vision of how things can be, and the rest is bound by zoning which is being worked out with the interest of Greenville in mind, which may not include 20 story buildings over there. I dont see the big deal with saying no 20 story buildings. If the developer wont be building it anyway because odds are the market wont support that, why all the fuss?
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