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  1. The Brass Bee Salon is moving into a converted house a few doors down (903 Pendleton St) from OJs August 1st. That's two pretty big salons on the street now. I would consider these anchor stores in a way as they will bring a lot of new people to this spot that might not ordinarily go. This is great news for businesses. Wonder if there is any timeline on making changes to the street and lanes themselves, this area looks way too run down now for what's going on over there.
  2. My guess is a set of $1M+ 2Br Condos with a multipurpose "bedroom" on the first floor, an elevator, and a sundeck. Maybe 3BR?
  3. You seem oddly over passionate about spending money on this park. Money spent on the tower will be more than just made back in tourism and tax revenue and nearby development. The land the tower is being built on is being built up so its not the lowest spot in the city not that it matters, it is for views of the park, the skyline, and the mountains which it will do. So if its not about money or the views, what is the real reason you don't want money spent on this park?
  4. who would have ever imagined road diets being effective? Oh, that would be us UP'ers of course. Well, most of us that is
  5. being within a half mile of UP, my home value is just shy of 10x what I paid for it 8 years ago.
  6. did someone say Tattoo studio? sign me up
  7. These are interesting points. Anyone have the numbers on this? Parks are supposed to increase property values, increase tax revenue, decrease medical costs, increase tourism revenue, encourage possible corporate HQ relocations, etc I wonder what the projected numbers are for Unity Park vs how much taxpayers put into it. That side of town, where there are many who cant afford cars to drive to other parks seems to be long overdue in the getting nice things dept as well.
  8. I assume that one of the main reasons many employers are pushing to get remote workers back to the office is due to the capital investment in real estate for office space. Everyone demonstrated fairly well that many can work remotely without efficiency losses and improved work/home balances. Before Covid, big tall office buildings were perceived as good investments where density made sense. Post covid, I imagine those who havent made such now potentially at risk investments might be rethinking how to spend their money. This is not discounting the insane real estate market, but having a giant empty building to maintain is now more of a risk than before.
  9. This is an interesting comment. After everyone working from home during Covid, it exposed the capital risk with tall buildings that before may have been seen as no brainers.
  10. two words "spinning restaurant" Rick? Waffle House? Anyone? We can even make sure that it is under 50 feet off the ground so the views are just limited to the parking lot around it.
  11. Not that I get a say, my preference of locations for an entertainment venue like this should either be downtown and walkable, or in an area needing revitalization (kind of like how magnate schools are supposed to work). Mauldin is neither.
  12. This may already have been discussed, so apologies ahead of time if so, why is Larkin's moving? That spot seems amazing where they are now. Is it expected traffic from the Grand Bohemian? I have hear they may be getting Nantucket. I would think that Larkins currently being soooooo close to the peace center, having that amazing outdoor patio, and being on the water just would be something that could not be topped.
  13. This seems odd, it would be a huge co work space. I agree it looks more like an office now. The loss of the food hall is another big disappointment. The views to the park would be obstructed by the residential portion on the roof but it would have been a cool connection to whatever nightlife eventually comes nearby (if it stayed a restaurant up there). If we are getting another announcement that a new corp HQ is coming here (and not just a local reshuffle) it would be great and worth losing the food hall.
  14. There is that path cut into the hill leading to the base of the falls (from earlier renderings) that I was wondering about. It also extended along the river but no signs of that I dont think
  15. Maybe its a pump and dump scheme from the current owner. Get the interest up, get the prices up, sell to the next prospector to hold for ten years. Repeat....
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