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  1. 10-SC 1337

    Signature Tower

    Yeah, some people who like hockey would surely also like the siggy!! Like me! I'm just too poor...
  2. 10-SC 1337

    Signature Tower

    If this tower gets built at 55 stories I say it's still a success!! but I don't believe those rumors that Giarrantana is only faking his sales statistics - the scenarios seem to far fetched!
  3. 10-SC 1337

    Signature Tower

    This tower would be great for base jumping if it is built...
  4. 10-SC 1337

    What Does Everyone think about the M'boro Greenway?

    I have noticed it when I've been through Murfreesboro, but is there a web site or comprehensive map online. I would like to try it, but I just don't know where the start/end points are and what ponts of interest it passes along the way...