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  1. nc0775

    3rd Ward Midrise Projects

    I've read some comments about the unfinished concrete ceilings and columns in Avenue - is this typical of all Novare's buildings? Are they likely to do this in Catalyst as well?
  2. nc0775

    SouthPark Mall

    Neiman Marcus is already advertising positions on the Simon website. I doubt they would be actively recruiting if they did not plan to open within six months.
  3. nc0775

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    I was just looking at the revised site plan on - anyone know what is the large structure next to King's Drive labelled "Junior Box?"
  4. nc0775

    SouthPark Mall

    Has anybody heard anything new about the Dillard's at Southpark? I remember reading in the Observer last year that they were thinking about a parking deck and 40,000 square foot expansion as part of a total remodel and that the specifics were being worked out with the mall owners. There was also something about making it more attractive from Morrison boulevard by putting in windows. The deck appears to be under construction, but I went through the store the other day and nothing was happening. They need to do something - it really looks awful compared to the other department stores at that mall.