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  1. Fair enough, and thanks for your honest response. My apologies if I came off a little to strongly yesterday.
  2. haha, I remember this same conversation a few years ago. I was discussing the term "TND" and how their is nothing traditional about them. But like I said, I'm all about choice, as long as the choice isn't forced upon me. I know all about NU, TND, etc. Lemme ask you a question and answer this as honestly as possible: Say there was a new TND; sidewalks, mixed use buildings, housing of all incomes, commercial and park integration, but the lots for single family homes were 1/2 acre or more. Would you support this project? Thanks
  3. I strongly disagree with that statement. I think NU is very agenda driven, but that's a different topic for another time.
  4. Yeah, I'm all for gentrification.
  5. Let me clarify something. I love the fact that a development can incorporate single family units, apartments, commerical and parks into one development. What I don't like is the fact that people are guilted and/or shamed into liking it or not liking it. I don't like that developers are building homes on lots smaller than the welcome mats on the front porch and claiming that it is to "reduce our carbon footprint" or whatever pc mantra that will make them look "progressive". They're doing it because they are greedy, bottom line. But as I stated previously, there are many consumers that do feel good about themselves buy having a tiny yard. Hey, too each his own, no problem. What I do object to is the condescending , "I'm an enlightened progressive, and you're not" attitude that was evidenced by saying that I like suburban sprawl, because I'm skeptical of NU. That's a very intolenrat opinion to hold.
  6. Don't be so sensitive. This is a message board and on ocassion people will have opinions that differ from your own. I feel that NU is a scam, but I support anyones right to participate in it, as long as I am not forced to. P.S. Being against NU doesn't mean that I support "suburban spraw", that's very condescending. It's not an either/or.
  7. New Urbanism is a ruse and a marketing ploy, itself. Greedy developers can put multiple homes on tiny lots, all under the guise of "environmentalism" "smaller carbon footprint", etc. while buyers who are oriented towards this type of thinking can feel good themselves by doing their part to be "green." It's greed placating guilt. A win/win.
  8. Longhorn and O'Charleys got married and had a kid; they named it Cheddars. lol
  9. Hamburger heresy, I say. lol That place looks really good, but franchising after one location, really? Lemme see how they do for a few years, but it does look good, is it your place?
  10. 10 years ago this would have been very exciting, but the quality has gone down so much over the last few years it's a shame. We went to the one in Charlotte for my wife's b'day and it was terrible. Nevertheless, the cache' of the name is good for our city, I suppose.
  11. Mojo's is really bland, fresh, but bland. Five Guys is decent, but they don't melt the cheese or toast the buns; major no-no's. Plus FG's is ridiculously expensive.
  12. Even though I probably couldn't afford to shop there it brought even more cachet to Greenville. This is very disappointing news. Oh, well.
  13. Can you or someone else post it? I didn't get a copy this week.
  14. Sonrise

    The Rumor Mill

    A cool, hip, trendy upscale market without an ounce of pretense:
  15. Yes, El Pollo Loco was the one that I was really big on, EPC, not so much.
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