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  1. We had this in the O, March 2008. "Due to changes in the market we will re-analyze our position and make a positive announcement about May 1." Anyone heard anything positive?
  2. " I still can't believe that the credit crisis is so severe that they can't find money to complete a 70% built condo project." The credit crunch happened this year, the Park is much older than that.
  3. In my opinion we have a choice when it comes to condos. On one hand 300 South Tryon offers a delayed start. On the other hand the Park offers a delayed finish. Not to take away from the Park - they did offer a delayed start for half a decade; I think this project was initially announced c.a. A.D. 2000 give or take a year. Then we have the other projects that just don't know when to slow down :-).
  4. The trees between the greenway and the road are cut. I did not see any equipment, but the trees are gone and the site was being cleared.
  5. Charlotte was not mentioned in connection with Tampa. Tampa fell through because of technicalities, some due to a weaker market. I hope CLT is not affected.
  6. Trump backed out of Tampa today! On a side note. You don't want to buy my property. I won't fall for your Jedi trick, you weak-minded fool.
  7. Yes! This crane looks tall enough to reach above the 21st floor. The Park now stands at 7 stories high.
  8. The residents will have to also share the building elevators and the lobby with the general public. The Marriot on Tryon/3rd has seperate elevators: 1 for access to the hotel, which is locked to the general public, and two elevators for the parking that have a separate lobby entrance, but I only see two elevator shafts on top of the PARKing deck. Which brings us up to the next gotcha: the daily commuters that park in the garage, have to go through the Condo Lobby to get to the Condo elevators to get to their vehicle. There must be a separate elevator, just for the general public. Now that
  9. Don't know about snazzy but it may be shaky - the steel frame with concrete slabs did a 'rattle and shake' under heavier wight. A friend had a dodge truck that he parked on the top floor, besides being extremely narrow to navigate, the inclines felt like they 'gave in'. But on the bright side -- I saw the other day that concrete was being poured inside the deck. Still no vertical movement. I remember that at some point The Park mentioned that the existing four floors gave the Park's consturction advantage over the Avenue or the TradeMark because the latter two were starting from scra
  10. Not much, compared to what is going on at 210 Trade, the Avenue, TradeMark, the Ritz, and 230 S Tryon. The garage looks the same to me.
  11. seriously, is anything going on with this project? It seems that parts of the building are being ripped off and then put back on or covered with nylon. There are no more than a few workers working on the outside at any given time.
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