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  1. Looks like the 28 story office tower will be taller than the 41 story residential. Good luck to Highwoods in finding that sweet anchor tenant so we can kick this off asap!
  2. In the photo from @chris holman it's notable to see Amazon1 and asurion1&2 with most floors illuminated. Looks each of these floors will have employees working in them this year. LEDs on the asurion base looking good...
  3. Cool angle! The Amazon tower is a great backdrop for asurion, which looks so mod here! 505 looking good to frame up the right.
  4. Wow that last shot from above really helps to see these as distinct buildings.
  5. I hope someone can snag a pic from this view once Four Seasons is done. I figure it will be a bit taller than Pinnacle even from this lower angle.
  6. This adds 299 units to the downtown market. I wonder how many new Nashville residents that is? I'll guess an average occupancy of 2.2 people per unit, so 658 residents. Of course not all new to the area, but that's a lot. I guess we could add up the top 10 residential projects from downtown and get a decent guess on the new numbers. Sounds like an easy 5000 new people within just this year? .
  7. I guess Food Trucks are out of the question.
  8. I'm glad the Westin has found a friend. Finally it isn't awkwardly hanging out there by itself, like a high-five un-acknowledged. Thank you, 805-Lea tower! credit: snipped from Mark H's photo
  9. I'm totally enjoying this one. Blemishes and all, this geeky chunk of urbanism has been a fun project to watch. The top of the parking garage literally has you half way up. Such a funky mini tower. Great for the area! To steal a phase, #keepNashvilleWeird
  10. Here's a diagram of future Interstates for NC. It has errors like missing the connection of I-87 from I-95 to the split of 87/587. Also omits south 540, I-885 in Durham, the Monroe bypass, and the Greensboro northern loop. Pretty sloppy! heh But still better than anything else out there. It's pretty cool seeing 87 to north and 42 out to the coast. And 795 providing a major upgrade for north bound transit from Wilmington.
  11. I wish NCDOT would re-prioritize getting 64 and 264 from Knightdale to I-95 upgraded to Interstate grade. The projects keep getting pushed out. It's time to be bring the focus back to the economic engines of the state! (I mean, the south 540 project is great, but it's a dang toll!)
  12. The other counties in the Triangle have to bear the costs of growth, so Orange County can sit back and reap the benefits of a growing area without paying the price. Handy!
  13. What a cool shot. I dig the 3 layers of height!
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