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  1. This is the original Neue Elbbrücke Bridge in Hamburg. It was not a casualty of war. The beautiful neo-Gothic gateways were pulled down in 1959 by urban planning zealots in order to add an additional lane. From @Culture_Crit.
  2. From "10 Best Day Trips from St. Augustine" on youtube.
  3. The current state of mass transportation; passenger train networks in USA compared with Europe.
  4. Nashville 'Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition' 1897 Has anyone seen where to get the poster? How cool is that.
  5. If I'm an office worker, I'm for WFH. If I'm an skyscraper nerd, then I'm all down for the Come Back To The Office policy.
  6. Great angle, featuring MCC not yet obstructed by towers. In five years a lot will fill in this view.
  7. rolly

    Brightline Trains

    This article says Brightline is forecasting an opening of Orlando service (connecting to Miami stops) by Sep 1. https://www.travelagewest.com/Travel/USA-Canada/brightline-to-orlando Looks like that date will slip. Hopefully not long: https://www.gobrightline.com/train-stations/fl/orlando
  8. Memphis desperately needs its tallest building to not be a condemned/vacant building like 100 North Main (which ain't bad looking). Hopefully a nice residential can beat the 430' height / 37 floors of this 1965-built tower. It'd be great if the intense buildup in Nashville would bleed over into a few projects for the neighboring cities.
  9. Construction bros atop the Wilshire Grand Tower in downtown Los Angeles. The guys are on the spire that topped off the building in 2016, making it the tallest west of the Mississippi River at 1,099 feet. This 73 floor building is the 15th tallest in the States.
  10. This YouTube analyses the latest in supertalls. Here's a snag showing jumps in height for world's tallest over time; the Empire State at 19% was the biggest jump until Burj Jkalifa at 62% jump from Taipei 101. It's interesting as this presentation leaves out Merdeka 118, Shanghai Tower, Abraj Clock Tower, Lotte World Tower, and others as listed in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings But, still a cool roundup:
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