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  1. rolly

    Triangle road & traffic thread

    NCDOT released an update that NC-540 running 18 miles from N.C. Highway 55 near Holly Springs to the Interstate 40 Clayton Bypass is expected to open in 2019. Wow eight years more to finally connect to I-40 at both ends. Would allow beach-bound summer travelers some options through Raleigh (mainly to avoid the RTP bottle-neck as people are leaving work). As others have noted, this may move the congestion to the area of 40 around the Clayton Bypass. However I noticed on the City of Raleigh site the TIF showing a third lane being added to 40 all the way down to Hwy 42. ALSO: To complete the loop, environmental studies are underway for the eastern portion, which would run 12 miles from the I-40 Clayton Bypass to the existing I-540 near Knightdale. No date has been set yet for opening that section. Related: Another toll project, the 3.4-mile Triangle Parkway from I-40 and the Durham Freeway to N.C. 540 is expected to open in 2011. from WRAL Traffic News on 540
  2. Orulz, thanks for the link. $100 million for a dorm complex is quite a project, considering the same amount got us the RBC Tower in downtown.
  3. rolly

    The History of the Triangle

    Thanks for the link to that blog. Very nice advocate for a great downtown Durham. Lots of work on that website!
  4. rolly

    The "L" Building

    At first view, I'm taken aback by the harsh squareness of it, but it's clearly a clever way to get more out of a parking deck block! Bring it on! Lots of nice retail also.