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  1. Looks like no new info since 2017. Shoot. http://www.dot.ga.gov/IS/Rail/AtlantatoChattanooga#tab-1
  2. It just seems like at the rate this area is developing, that it's a waste to build these less than 12 stories. Just 8 levels, this close to the core?
  3. Something nice that Nashville is missing, but Memphis, Charlotte, and Raleigh have is Amtrak service. For example, Memphis has the 'I-55' corridor route. It would be great if they could get a route along I-40 from Knoxville to Little Rock. This multi trillion dollar 'Infrastructure Bill' isn't going to do much for the US train network. Would have been nice!
  4. I always thought the original plan was too light on residential. They had a couple of underwhelming 18-storiers. I'm glad to see they are cranking up the amount of housing in the Yards.
  5. That's gotta be one of the largest parking areas left in downtown. Is there development plans for it?
  6. The farther away, the murkier the lighting... the better this looks!
  7. That 1 Hotel is so overshadowed there, sharing a platform with the 30 story hotel. Hopefully it carves out an identity and footprint of its own.
  8. Here's the shot of East Civic Tower that's 4 years from finish. And has been talked about for years already. But at least it starts in a couple of years!
  9. Here's some shots from the doc KJHburg just posted.
  10. Check your US paper money and coins. That phrase is on all of it. It's also on many court houses and gov buildings. I think it's just a cultural momentum thing.
  11. Yet Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton are building there in full knowledge of the crazy rowdy tourist scene there. And when you moved there, you knew what the area was like. It's like people that move near the airport and then complain about it and demand the area change for them.
  12. Nashville's new Ritz Carlton is so big, that it's main tower will have more floors (46) than any other tower in the state. And even the smaller tower is beats out the JW Marriott!
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