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  1. Gosh I'm behind on this thread and just noticed they did a major upgrade to the project by dumping the 16 story hotel and will add a 2nd 28 story residential. I'm trying to think of any other 'twin' buildings in town that are over 15 stories... this will be really a dense area with one2one next door.
  2. Now that is a cool little parking garage. I'm glad they jazzed it up.
  3. But 'protesting' will have zero affect on the corona-rate. Such logics!
  4. That Panattoni is modern and snazzy. Nice windows along the ground level.
  5. I mean, it's a great tower. But, like 505, it's really not much more than a glass rectangle. Once glance at it and your eye is satisfied. Compared to the Chrysler tower or even the AT&T/Batman tower, which takes awhile to absorb what you're viewing. Just surprised they didn't do some standout visual feature on this tower.
  6. The undulating curves on this building are so cool. I never thought they would go with such a design (+costs). It's probably the single biggest catalyst in the city's history.
  7. Looks great. That new downtown Nashville Apple store is in such a great spot!
  8. It's funny that they're still using that oldish google maps view of the city, with the demolished LifeWay tower still there and no sign of the 5th and Broadway project or other towers around the convention center.
  9. Well this little 30 story tower and his 18 story buddy are just sneaking up into the skyline. For the longest time it seemed that the downtown Embassy Suites project was never going to start. JW started and shipped. As well as others. Embassy was never more than a staging area for the other projects. But now it's really climbing and by late summer this project should really be a new fixture in the skyline. I hope tourism is really cranking up in Nashville as this goes online. It's going to be rocking down there by the convention center!
  10. $1500/mo in the tallest residential tower in a what... 4 or 5 state area? (TN/KY/AR/MS/AL) Pretty 'affordable' when looked at that way.
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