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  1. I'm just kind of joking about it. It's funny how there's demands for gender equity in some jobs but not all.
  2. Where's the gender diversity in these construction photos? There should be 50% female employment in all jobs, such as construction or boardrooms. Right? You're not sexist are you?
  3. Interesting stats! Well Wake is also a good bit larger than Mecklenburg (or Durham or Orange or many other counties - it's one of the largest in land mass). But Wake and Mech are what percent of all state growth? Like over 2/3's? Impressive!
  4. Ya I'm hoping that by Easter we'll be ready to start opening up businesses again. Like in Japan where they have avoided much of the lockdown mania seen elsewhere, and with no overwhelming of the medical system.
  5. No reason to shut any of these construction sites down. Low density workers (what, a dozen dudes here on a large site?) I've heard that Boston has ordered construction sites to shut down. But Nashville, Raleigh, etc are showing few signs of Chinese Virus problems. No reason to make the 'cure' worse than the original problem. Few see a construction site like this as a spread vector any worse than allowing a fast food joint to allow a dozen employees to work there (for pickup/drive through only).
  6. There's way too many cranes in Nashville, thanks to these capitalistic developers! They are visual clutter that distracts from the historical nature of the city. How do we get them banned? /s
  7. Wow those first couple of floors are huge! Amenities decks? This will be such a party hotel.
  8. I wonder if this 5 story Novel Edgehill will be a concrete structure. I'm betting so for this area (costs a lot more than wood framing).
  9. Let's stick to the topic at hand. But let's not claim political opinions are 'objective facts'. Will demand for office space go down if more employees work from home? Could that also depress hotel demand? That could be a response to a pandemic like this.
  10. Liberals on Urban Planet: My opinion of Trump is an objective fact. LOL Back to the subject at hand: I think this epidemic response will change our infrastructure needs. Many people will likely continue to work from home after this. Maybe 20% of them. That means the Interstates don't need to expand so much, and less parking garages in downtown. Less emissions (cleaner air!). More Internet bandwidth will be needed.
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