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  1. That's a nice little project - $15M investment. Excellent infill for the area.
  2. They are listing it with the new, higher floor count. First I've seen it as '35 stories'. The big move is they switched to all apartments. It looks more streamlined now. Check the link for more pics and info. The Walter will be the hottest tower underway in the Triangle for some time. https://www.kanerealtycorp.com/project/walter/
  3. Updated renders for the 35-story Walter tower. This would be the highest (by floor count) building in the Carolinas outside of Charlotte.
  4. I wonder if they'll try for a second SkyHouse in Nashville like some other cities are doing.
  5. NCCU has some nice projects underway: $170M expansion They've started on 2 residence halls, Chidley South and George Street, with plans for a $47 million student center totaling 100K sf.
  6. Considering the new owner of the garage deck just bought it last year (Stoltz Real Estate), and that they own the 20 story office tower at 4th Ave. North & Church and the Stahlman Apts. Building (12 stories)... it seems like a viable proposal.
  7. Starting: The Cambridge at Brier Creek, an $80 million project The senior living facility features health and wellness facilities, medical amenities, a pub, salon and more. A large footprint, 5-story building is the center of the project.
  8. $190M expansion with 6-story building for Cary retirement community
  9. Great. The site is looking clean. I wonder when the foundation begins...
  10. Not good news. CREE builds new 500K SF plant in NY instead of RTP It looks like the incentives were a big part (they didn't say how much NC was offering, if any). But it was more the college infrastructure was superior to the Triangle. More solid state / materials manufacturing knowledge. I guess there's not much we can do about that. Well ya win some, ya lose some. It's good to take notes on if there's areas to be improved on.
  11. SO... the Raleigh elections just wrapped up. The NIMBYs lost hard. The pro-growth candidates rocked. Clearly a positive for getting some taller projects approved in Raleigh.
  12. @Native that shot is great! I'm like... what's that nearly finished blue glass tower on the right? Oh, 5th & Broad resi tower. Already such an impact. And that big boy to the left of it... Grand Hyatt. And look at that beast of a base to the right for that sweet Gulch office tower!
  13. That's great how much the public loves the Publix store in downtown Nashville. The first full grocer in downtown Raleigh, opening a few months, will also be a Publix, with very pent up demand. Now the first Wegman's store in Raleigh (not in downtown), their 100th, just opened and it was the largest opening ever for the chain. Just shows how quality and location are so key! When that Whole Foods opens in the Endeavor... will that be nuts or what. Also, does that area have higher residential density than the Capital View area?
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