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  1. They seem to really like this site. I wonder if it has the lowest costs of their data centers, or perhaps the central location works well.
  2. Thanks for the correction; I updated my post.
  3. Also from the amazing list [email protected] is an observation of buildings by decade. Period Skyscraper Count 1950-59 1 1960-69 0 1970-79 3 1980-89 5 1990-99 1 2000-09 1 2010-19 8 2020-22 11 So from the 1950 to 2019, 28 buildings were built. Compared to 11 buildings in just the last 3 years. Guesses for the count for 2020-29 ?
  4. That list is so awesome. I dig that you can hover over the name of many of them and get a pic. Funny that Broadwest Tower links to wiki entry for Lake Palmer, LOL!.
  5. Here's another airport expansion. Shows how massive these projects are. Behind the Scenes: Orlando International Airport's soon-to-open Terminal C
  6. Like I joked in another post, a mega Bucee's would make more sense. Seriously it would be much less risk and probably better tax revenue as well.
  7. Who needs Storyville Gardens? Instead just build a GIAAANT Bucee's.
  8. Are we aware of any plans for the large parking lot behind Union Station? That's quite prime.
  9. This is more of an 'un-development' observation. China destroys batches of new high rises as the housing crisis grows.
  10. And just a little ornamation for a bit of a crown. If more projects could do that...
  11. I love that the view looks DOWN on the 'tallest' building! Hah!
  12. rolly


    After all these years I'm glad to see 400H underway.
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