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  1. Awesome collection of projects! But it seems Nashville has more than its fair share. Can some of these be shipped to Knoxville?
  2. Here's a view of the I-69 project north of Memphis. The section around Union City is under construction. Google maps satellite view has a good shot of that section.
  3. Broadwest does a great job stretching the skyline.
  4. JW has that spot next to them (currently a walking area) that would have held a sister tower. I wonder what their trigger is to start that project.
  5. Congratulations, Nashville. Jealous over here in eastern Florida. At least we have Bucees! Wait, you have those coming too. Dang!
  6. Here's some snaps from the recently posted youtube video of Nashville.
  7. Mark's list of towers in the 2023 pipeline include 9 40+ story towers. Woa!
  8. I've seen pix of Amazon 1's interior, and it's real nice. Different themes on each floor. I figure Amazon 2 will be similar. Shame we won't see Amazon 3 in that monster 600+ tall tower, with Amazon shedding so many (like 18K+). Hopefully things pick up soon enough for them to outgrow A2 and order A3 to kick off. Maybe as soon as 2024.
  9. I was last in Austin about 8 years ago, when Frost tower (just right of center) was the tallest.
  10. Oh gosh so this is right next to Vandy tower. Didn't realize it was so close. Nice height concentration. Hopefully a magnet for moar!
  11. As an armchair city planner, this is one of my favorite locations for new towers, growing the skyline toward the Vandy campus. This area could really absorb a lot of height and hopefully gain more street vibe.
  12. Wow Mark, you are great at finding these! Thanks for posting these great Nashville artscapes.
  13. Now that is a wild design, even for Miami. Would be a trip to do something this funky in Nashville, maybe at 33 stories.
  14. Check out this 360 video of this penthouse at one park drive in London's canary wharf. Note you can click and hold to move your viewpoint as he walks the camera around.
  15. Coach can decide to post another male on a player like LeBron. But in other positions, female players may be better utilized as shooters or point guards. It's up to the team. To see how meeting diversity goals is handled by other organizations, look at how the US Marines use different standards for females. The guys do 34 push-ups in 2 mins vs just 15 for the gals. It's called 'accommodations'. When pro sports finally aren't allowed to prohibit people based on gender, then you'll see accommodations such as the ladies get 4 points for the long shot where the guys just get 3. That way the ladies will be included and make the same big bucks as the guys. Note female Marines, despite only having to meet a third of the physical test levels as the men, still get paid the same as the men. You'll see that in the NBA as well. So will this happen before WNBA comes to Nashville? That's the question.
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