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  1. It's a pretty shot. Interesting that Amazon 2 is able to make a showing from this view point.
  2. @markhollin I'd guess you take most (if not all?) of your photos from outside your car. Sure allows for some great vantages and angles. But must be a pain to stash the ride somewhere.
  3. It's really starting to come alive. Gonna be nuts when the employees show up. Should be an fun campus to run around in...
  4. Jax has a great engagement with the river. Those towers really hug up to it. I just moved an hour to the south of Jax and we love going up there. That wide river is such a trip!
  5. I'd really like to see a render of downtown with 1010 Church with Nashville Yards all built out. Still trying to figure how all this fits together.
  6. From SSP. A view of Austin with some of the new stuff.
  7. Why segregate by gender? The police and military intermix their staff. i.e. there's no 'Women's Marines division' or Male Police group. They all get paid the same too, despite gender. So, females are in the Army and in the Sheriff's departments, and get paid the same as men. But a ball team can't find a way to make this work?
  8. A snap from a recently posted youtube.
  9. Cool that the train photobombed your first shot. I think that would be a cool feature for people to watch the trains as come by... this is a really neat location.
  10. Ok, we're going to need some hi-res versions of that last one. With those wifty clouds reflecting off all that glass blue Nashville's been sporting lately, ... wow. That angle also features some nice historical contrast and a touch of colorful fall greenscape. Money!
  11. Looks like an amenities level for at the top floor floor 1 Hotel?
  12. That'll be a snug fit in there. Nice density builder. Hope they can mange to get their full 20 stories available.
  13. Oh cool. So the other tower wasn't to be a twin, but a complimentary structure. That original concept looks great, but now that some years have gone by and the market is even hotter, perhaps a grander/taller project could be in store.
  14. Great shots! When looking at the views of the tower that include the pool....wasn't there planned to be a twin, or similar tower opposing it? And I guess the option is still possible?
  15. Nice. This is one of the last major areas of downtown to really start going up. Just a few midrises will really help the overall look. A before and after shot in 5 years should be quite impressive.
  16. That's one of the few skyline photos that captures the giant broadcast antenna. (Is that the tallest structure in downtown?)
  17. What an impressive set of shots. I'm really stunned how cool that turned out.
  18. For old Nashville, just Amazon 3 as a large 33 story office tower would alone be the biggest thing for a half a decade. Now it's just part of the noise. Amazing!
  19. Much impressive. Not only is Nashville pure fire but the UP forum is outstandingly active and awesome.
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