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  1. ^ Great shot. And really weird, I can now see the colored store fronts you posted earlier. Those store fronts are actually on what is known as Vendue Range right before you get to Waterfront Park. After you cross East Bay Street going away from the park, then it becomes Queen Street. As for the pic above, I think that's a Meeting Street intersection?
  2. I see the Chas Place one. Great pic...still not seeing anything on the other.
  3. Mike, meant to repond to this earlier. True, there are no regular flights to or from Chas, but there are some seasonal flights to the Bahamas and Bermuda each year that I'm aware of. Occassionally, int'l flights from Europe land in Chas if Atlanta or Miami has to much traffic or if they have terrible weather. The Concorde made several stops in Chas, and Air France has landed its Boeing 747 a few times there each year. On a different subject, "garage condos" are planned to be built near the airport. Airport Garages Inc is planning for a 210-unit private garage complex near I-526. The facility will offer units ranging in size from a 12-by-24-foot unit that will house a single car to a 18-by-50 unit that can hold RVs, boats or several cars. Prices range from $39,000 to $109,000. One of the big draws for the company in the Charleston area was the proximity to Kiawah and Seabrook islands. Another huge draw was Chas' business community presence. Garage condos take off near Charleston airport
  4. Still not seeing it. It basically looks like you've posted a blank post. I don't see a pic or anything.
  5. Call it the price of growth and consolidation if you will, but American LaFrance was reported to have laid off a few workers, and the move to its present HQ is being blamed. According to the article below, a lack of office space at the shared north city site (shared with DaimlerChrysler AG) forced the company into an "outward migration" to four locations and the hiring of several temporary workers. The move to the more spacious Jedburg location has allowed the company to consolidate those offices. The job cuts are small, but unfortunately, some people are going to have to look for work. According to a furloughed employee, about 40 people (10% of the 400 total workforce) have been cut. Let's hope this is the end of that trend. American LaFrance announces job cuts
  6. I think we mentioned this development on James Island earlier in this thread, but here is a new article which describes it in more detail. The 22.5-acre parcel near the Maybank Highway-Folly Road intersection is being planned to become the site of a miniature
  7. Great pic of the Francis Marion Hotel! Actually, the new Hilton is supposed to be 9 stories, according to the P & C. Also, cool pic of the newer Marion Square fountain.
  8. I believe this is a different one. I think the one we talked about earlier was either in the Cainhoy section of Chas, or another one around Jedburg. This one on Remount seeks to attract better business to the "eastern" side of the north area, near Park Circle.
  9. An $82 million, mixed-use business park, known as Remount Business Park, is going to be developed on 65 acres on the southeast corner of Remount Road and North Rhett Avenue. The site is said to be a central location being right next to the SPAWAR main entrance, 1/4 mile from I-526, 1/2 mile from the port's north terminals, and 3 miles from the int'l airport. Construction on the first facility, which will have 200,560 square feet of space, is slated to begin in August and to be completed by May 2008. One research company, Atlanta-based Scientific Research Corp, has already leased 65,000 square feet. This company provides solutions for electronics, IT, and communications government, private business, and international business. $82M business park planned on Remount Road
  10. One of the first "high rises" in the country. Thanks for posting that krazee. You'd think that Chas would have more of these buildings (even taller versions of them) by now.
  11. ^ What upsets me is that all of these firms that owned decently priced apartment rental complexes sold their assets to other firms that converted these to condos, thereby dramatically cutting a substantial slice out of the apartment rental market. As a result the average price for renting an apartment in Chas rose significantly, hurting undergrad students, grad students, and single newcomers. The metro area now needs more apartment complexes, unless these condo-converting firms sell their properties to firms that want to rent them out.
  12. It seems that AirTran is really helping the airport with increasing numbers of passengers and providing competition to the old carriers such as Delta. According to the article link below, the airport authority recently posted figures through June, showing 111,100 outbound fliers last month, an increase of 10,788 passengers compared with May, and a 15,399 jump compared with April. With figures expected to hold steady or grow, that means roughly 500 more people a day are either flying in or out of the airport. In June 2006, there were 23,113 fewer passengers flying out of the Charleston airport than in June of this year. AirTran lifting airport passenger numbers, lowering ticket prices
  13. ^ I'll give you those points, all good ones. However, I would wait to see if the first intermodal facility in the region is successful and worth spending additional tax dollars before creating additional spoke-system transport hubs. That way, if the demand for transportation is only centered to this hub, confusion is reduced with the name that applies to this facility only.
  14. Hmmmm...the link isn't working, vic. Is the newspaper having problems with its website, or is it the link itself?
  15. Exactly. I couldn't have said it any better. Many visitors will get the wrong impression about what the purpose of the facility will be. The facility is going to be the hub for the Charleston region, not limited to one suburban city in the region.
  16. I figured that this thread would be a good place to post the article link below. According to the article, the Chas condo market is full of units that are up for sale, nearly 2,000 in all, compared with less than 500 in a given month just two years ago. The good news is that some condo sellers are cutting prices or offering incentives to lure buyers. However, this shows that the demand for high-priced condos was not really high, and the conversion craze that many of the apartment complexes went through has saturated the market. If condo conditions don't improve by winter, Fudgy Brabham, broker-in-charge of Harbourtowne Real Estate, predicts that buyers could find dramatically lower prices in some areas as investors cut their losses and sell at deep discounts. The danger with that type of selling, sometimes called dumping, is that it takes only a handful of deals to affect the values of nearby properties, he said. While the economy in Chas is becoming very robust, I think these condos are being looked at skeptically in the market. Chas has been a singles' city -- singles usually want either apartments or condos -- but more and more families are wanting to move there as well. Families are usually more interested in houses. I hope that this saturation will end the conversion craze and keep the apartment complexes as rentals. Charleston area awash with condos for sale
  17. Geez, here we go with the pissing contest. Did I say Chas was going to catch up? Did I say that the Chas MSA would be bigger than G'ville's? Did I ever make that comparison? No, all I did was point out that the newspaper and the development website was wrong and inaccurate on the growth rate. I'm looking at true to life numbers, while you and the G'ville media manipulate the numbers to make false statements. Now, if G'ville made the claim that it is the largest MSA in the state, I wouldn't debate that at all. Cola and G'ville backers can debate that until they're blue in the face. But again, the rate of growth is different from actual population numbers. Will Chas or MB catch up with G'ville in actual population? Probably not, since G'ville is sandwiched between 2 major cities. However, the growth rate is higher in both locations, making the coast of SC the fastest growing areas in the state.
  18. Please. What the newspaper reported is inaccurate, and I only mentioned it because another poster told me of this inaccuracy. The growth rate in Chas during the 90s was also considerably high, but the most accurate measure of a growth rate starts from the last official census. The numbers from last census show a higher rate in Chas, and a much higher rate in MB. There's no getting around it. I know, everybody wants to live in their utopia and ignore reality, but I can't let it slide. Am I being critical of G'ville? No, but I am going to point out fallacies from a supposedly unbiased and objective news medium.
  19. OK, since nobody has brought up the inaccuracy of this newspaper article, I feel inclined to do so. Another UP poster PM'd me about it, and it has to be addressed. Like it or not, Greenville is not the fastest growing metro area in the state. That distinction should be given to the Myrtle Beach metro area. In addition, G'ville's MSA is not growing faster than the Chas MSA. Chas MSA is growing faster than G'ville, as indicated by the following estimates from the Census Bureau: Charleston 2000: 549,033 2006: 603,178 Change: 54,145 % change: 9.86% Greenville 2000: 559,940 2006: 601,986 Change: 42,046 % change: 7.51% Myrtle Beach 2000: 196,629 2006: 238,493 Change: 41,864 % change: 21.30% Now, you also have this development stating the same thing, which is false information. Before somebody starts bashing me, let me be clear that I do not debate the G'ville metro's size. It is obviously bigger than Chas' MSA. However, the growth rate is clearly in my hometown's favor. MB and Chas are the fastest growing areas in the state, and Chas MSA is growing faster than G'ville. Somebody from the newspaper seriously skewed their information.
  20. Can I ask why the hell it is being named the North Charleston Regional Intermodal Facility?! I'm telling you guys, this kind of stuff just further makes the impression that the metropolitan area's primary city will be North Chas, with the way the region's leaders are making it. They just need to drop the word "North"...the region is the Charleston region.
  21. Actually, I've been to Boulder and it is quite well-known in Colorado for its good restaurants, although it's more known for its mostly liberal population.
  22. Absolutely. Those types of businesses are locating there consistently, but not in mass numbers. Give it time, though, we will see more in the next few years.
  23. It's somewhat comforting to see some good news about my hometown, especially after last night.
  24. RhodesDahl is relocating its HQ to DT Charleston. RhodesDahl provides total management services such as planning, design, and construction phases of project development to nonprofit organizations. The headquarters office will be located at 180 East Bay St., Suite 300. The company will continue to maintain its West Coast office in San Francisco. Management company moving headquarters to Charleston
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