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  1. I think that is more accurately read "reimbursement specialists, people with some nursing or clinical experience and people with pharmacy experience". Not terrible jobs at all, but I wouldn't expect MDs to be trying to hit performance numbers for calls per hour.
  2. Could you elaborate? This is one block off of the CBD. I don't see how this achieves any goals involving urban density, commercial tax base or live/work/play. This would be short sighted and terrible for downtown Cary or downtown Apex, much less downtown Raleigh.
  3. Doubtful. Aside from the fact that even at its most efficient usage, roads still have a finite capacity, you'll still have to spend money to keep the roads from turning into gravel. Roads cost $10M/lane/mile to maintain without traffic. Even if you were to put vehicles on it that can maximize the number of humans per unit, you are essentially building a gold-plated mass transit system out of asphalt. Although a network of 40 lane roads would look like something out of a 1950s futurist magazine(I'm assuming the city and county will continue to grow), it would probably be cheaper for the county to launch people into space to live if they are going to forego land use and density planning and a scalable transportation system.
  4. I don't see that as more than just a change in the by whomever buys Goto (and Sharefile, for that matter). The facility plus existing staff is going to be a huge plus for the company that picks up those product suites. As far as the Raleigh Tech scene, I think it's still going strong. The startup scene may be having issues, but in a city with limited local VC, and with the state of the national VC scene (sorry, finance majors, an LLP with a niche mobile app and no clue how to monetize it is not worth $500m) isn't a great indicator of the health of technology nor innovation in the area. Our ability to generate homegrown talent, and the work being done in software, hardware and other tech fields in the area is what drives the health of the industry in Raleigh. The shift to calling it a "scene" is a symptom of misplaced priorities and a quick ROI mindset; the VC set and the engineers trying to cash a lottery ticket are slowly learning that. What this area has, and what it needs to foster is not a "scene" but an industry, but that's a rant for another day.
  5. http://www.letsgetmoving.org/priorities/interstate-495-future-i-44-or-i-50/ The RTA is pushing for I-44 or I-50. I-495 would terminate at I-95 in Rocky Mount and then continue east as 44 or 50. Although the designation of 495 seems odd to me as I would expect a spur to start with an odd number.
  6. Raleigh could earn a new nickname: Los Ralangeles
  7. That doesn't sound too bad. They are just dropping to 8600 workers worldwide. I wouldn't worry as much about new Citrix locations as I would about locations that are already shedding jobs.
  8. The Downtown Raleigh Draft Plan alludes to reverting "Cobblestone Hall" back into the original market as part of the rebranding of the area as Market Square. From what I've read in interviews, it appears that the owner, Hazan, is on board with future renovations. So instead of recreating City Market in the Warehouse district, it is probably better to push for the city's vision of Market Square with the restoration of the original market.
  9. The city is already looking to revamp City Market. I don't think we need City Market II.
  10. They light the spire for home games and then do a strobe effect for each goal they score for 10ish seconds and then for two minutes if they win. The are the worst team in the league this season, so don't expect to see the post-game light up too often. http://www.wralsportsfan.com/pnc-turns-tower-red-to-salute-canes-during-season/14066325/
  11. 17 Raleigh residents voting on City-Data?
  12. The deck usually has people parking up to the 4th and sometimes 5th floors Thursday through Saturday night . I don't think the deck will have any spare capacity once Skyhouse's and Edison's residents start parking there. Especially during events in the area.
  13. I think fact that it is a townhouse with 28 stories gives it away that it is a joke.
  14. Construction sites have food services trucks that are contracted to bring reasonably priced food to the site in those little pickup trucks with metal camper/coolers in the bed. I can't imagine a construction worker paying for a $9 for a 'gourmet' food truck sandwich when they can get a $3 sandwich from the services truck or go to one of the many reasonably priced lunch spots in the neighborhood.
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