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  1. it will be on the corner closest to the two fairview towers (6000 and 6100) if that makes any sense. Its on the same side of fairview as them and on that side of the intersection.
  2. I thought it was 375 at two ten trade and 400 at vue
  3. Epicenter is just as expensive as the vue for the most part.
  4. I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with the vue i don't think anyone does, i think its an awesome project, but I think that 210 trade has a huge advantage over it. The reason why people have been hesitating on the vue, is because they wanted to see what was up with the 210 trade project, because as far as entertainment options amenities, and proximity to other things 210 trade kicks the vues butt in all respects. I think that once this building starts to sell out the market will switch to the next best thing, the vue. I think the speed at which 210 trade is apparently selling is showing us all, the potential of this market. I am going to be honest, I was doubting the market, now I'm wondering when our next 50 story building is going to get built.
  5. This is what I expected, 210 trade is kicking the vue's butt, this has to be discouraging for a building that has done nothing but mass advertising, and is only sold out 50%, but then again the Vue is way over there, and 210 trade is in the middle of everything. I think that once this building sells out we'll see the sales at the vue pick up, I am very suprised how the sales are going on this building, incredible.
  6. Someone really really needs to take pix of southpark for me.
  7. I know I have the renderings too, I also have the cad rendergings too, while there is definately glass on the back, it has no flow and I don't think many of us are going to be very happy with it.
  8. Unfortunately the view ESPN, Foxsports ABC, NBC, CBS, american public and the city of charlotte are going to have from Bank of America Stadium of Trademark isn't going to be much better, at least courtside is 17 floors and not as visible, don't get me wrong I love Courtside, its one of my favourite additions to the skyline, I don't mean to discount it, but Trademark might be more embarassing we'll see.
  9. These people need to consider the fact that if the city uses this as a entrance their dirt road will finally get paved.
  10. ooooooooo thanx for telling us. The penthouse looks awesome, and so does the lounge
  11. So has anyone gotten a look at the brochure's yet, I have a pretty funny find that I wished to share. The find I have made is very unprofessional of a graphic artist. If you go to metterraces PDF brochure you can see a group of people toasting glasses, but somethings wrong with the image, there is a huge corbis watermark on the picture, I actually found the picture on corbis. For those who don't know corbis is a huge stock photo database,with hundreds of thousands of stock photos http://pro.corbis.com/search/searchFrame.aspx search for toast go to page 10 of 40 it is picture AAHA001310 I priced the image around $150-300, not that expensive for an advertising budget, especially if you compare this to the vue who's budget is obviously incredible. Does bad design and bad buiness practices by a designer make anyone else feel less about a project? hopefully other people find this funny because I did, there are also great pix of charlotte on this site, this picture came from corbis, enjoy
  12. so when can we actually expect an offical announcement because last time I checked this was definately a midrise or two, not two 27 story towers, I guess with his closet devotion to this site we can expect Dougie to announce it tommorrow, but seriously did I miss something, because this is very very new to me.
  13. where did you get this info I am looking all over the CBJ, and have found nothing.
  14. there are are new renderings on the website, I am trying to get em with my mac grab software but they are scrolling too fast
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