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  1. and the Harris Teeter at that corner too... talk about over-groceried.

    and its not just any harris teeter, its the tajmateeter however you spell it, I would almost go about calling it a flagship teeter, but there is only one thing the grocery store influx can suggest to me, there are going to be a lot more residences coming around in the southpark area, a whole lot more, anyone else get the same idea? anybody else smell a couple of novares?? and why doesn't furman build in sp or anywhere else outside of a 3 mile radius of the CBD for that matter

  2. Urban outfitters?? that sounds a little big for 4200 sq ft, but I dunno I'm still trying to put it into context, but hey if you are correct that sounds just lovely, as long as its better lit than holliser, I've tried on some clothes there that looked way different after I bought them, the darkness in that place gives there clothes an illusion of looking better, never shopping there again.

    BryanH, where do you go to school in atlanta, I'm thinking about for my masters in advertising transferring to SCADatlanta

  3. I called it, for sure :yahoo: its happening slowly but I'm getting better at this stuff haha, but why is there going to be an earthfare and a whole foods so close together, its about time tho, as much as I love reids we had some more organic grocers to chose from.

  4. what store at sp would compair to the size of this RL, like tiffany & co. or what, I'm trying to put into perspective how big a 4200 sq ft, store would be, I'd assume it'd be a corner store, but the louis vuitton store isn't that big, and neither is burburry, burburry is actually annoyingly small in my opinon I don't like how it is designed at all (although I do love their scarves, cashmere how I wish it was winter). But anyway, can anyone give me a store that is an equivalent in size to the RL.

  5. Cartier at the Villages? I don't see that happening. It's not secure enough. Security is taken very seriously at Cartier.

    No I'm saying cartier and A/X in the regular mall, then the others I was talkign about at the villages, except with exception of prada, although it would be great to get one before ATL

  6. 4k2 square feet sounds large for a RL, but hey guys, there is till plenty to be announced at the villages at southpark and I figured Crate and Barrell would push itself back some, because yea, I never thought that was possible

    oh and of those 5, I will haveta disagree steven,

    I think it'll be Cartier and A/X, Gucci would fit more at villages, as would say... a prada or a D&G, thats all my gf is hoping for a D&G, and I'll admit it I'm hoping for it too.

    How many retail spaces are available for the villages?

  7. The Vue Orlando held a raffle for a 1BR unit, at $100/ticket....with the proceeds going to charity.....they are supposedly going to do that here as well.

    oh okay, thats not really much of an event, so that doesn't sound as desperation, but was Vue Orlando as Ad heavy as vue charlotte?

  8. I just heard on the radio about some event being held in Charlotte (I don't know when or what exactly as I wasn't paying too much attention to it), that is being sponsored by the Vue Charlotte. Man, they are shelling out the money for advertising.

    Whatever your PR things can help. But doesn't anyone else sense some desperation, I know michael said he saw the sheets and said they were 50-60 but yea, with all this throwing out of money, I'm wondering if they even have a required% of sales. Because they are promoting themselves like this thing is happening no matter what, which you know, gives me a good feeling, because I don't think I've ever seen someone advertise so much in my life, and I don't think I've ever seen a condo tower ever sponser something.

    Does anyone know how the Vue orlando has done their thing as far as advertising goes?

  9. my necessities are A/X, Seven for all mankind, Ralph Lauren, True Religion, Desiel Store, oh and I think village at southpark should get a Dolce and Gabbana or a Manolo Blahnik, I think it'll get one of these, it would fit the image of the village

  10. an aquaintance of mine just purchused a condo at the vue, he said he was able to see the sales sheet and said that it was at least 50-60%

    not sure which unit he got but he said he has skyline view, and said that the price difference between skyline and away from skyline views were quite considerable, but he wanted to wake up in the morning and have a wonderful view

  11. when are we getting hooters air :-( hehe

    interesting that hooters air is pulling out of myrtle beach, where hooters air was started, I wonder if there are any other air travel services that have completely pulled out of their hometown, sounds pretty bad for myrtle beach, or any other city that would happen to, anyone know if that has happed with anyother airlines?

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