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  1. I know its not ballantyne, I just never imagined there was that much land on the other side of 485 on providence, incredible, how many acres would ya'll say that is? the land keeps going from that map too, you could fit 3 charlotte links on that land wow, I hope something special goes there. The like 4 houses that are in that area could make some serious money selling their property to an investor or a developer
  2. Back on Topic Back on Topic, sorry I led us down a completely different road I take full responsiblity, What do ya'll think we can expect from the southpark land, do ya'll think its done with development or does it still have some room to grow, when I say SP land I mean the area between morrison, colony, fairview, and barclay downs whether we are talking about building up, much like my plan for the circle K, and the plan for the villages, or building out, this is including building accross the roads, especially morrison, as that it is the only real land available to southpark, without too much hassel at least,
  3. tons? you mean acres hehehe, no room my butt, you could put four malls the size of sp in the land, screw it I'm gonna take out a huge loan and do my own outdoor mall. Anybody else up for that?
  4. there is nothing but room, looking at online maps at least, yea I realize they aren't completely up to date but still, there is plenty of room, I realize not as much as mint hill but still plenty of undeveloped land.
  5. I don't me the classic enclosed mall I mean something more like bridges, the outdoor mall going up in mint hill, are there any outlet stores in ballantyne, cuz I could see a tanger outlet there too
  6. I dunno, just seems like something ballantyne would do, I also hope that we are done with malls in charlotte, I would like to see Northlake expanded, and Southpark expanded as much as possible.
  7. oh I guarantee it will happen, well the mall at least, I dunno if it would completely put Carolina Place out of business, I think CP mall will break even no matter what, but I honestly think the boutiques are gonna start flocking to ballantyne, and a huge mall will be thrown together, because if you think about it, thats the only think ballantyne doesn't have, a big huge giant mall and I'd say in the next 2-5 years one'll be announced anybody else see a mall like this in ballantyne, its a bad idea but I swear its gonna happen, I think Ballantyne will quickly become charlottes perimiter
  8. oh of course it can, but its not southpark that going to be going through all that much change, its going to be the southpark area. This will be a bustling city in itself, what is the population of the southpark area anyway? Personally I think Uptown will have the most retail in the city in 10 years, at least I hope so and i'm wondering how long its gonna be before bissell builds a 2.0 million sq. ft mall in Ballantyne and puts Carolina Place out of business
  9. wow I guess I'll haveta check out the mall next time in charlotte which should be in 2 weeks I think
  10. in the greater sp area how much retail is there? we have phillips place, southpark mall, shops at the park, Morrocroft village, the place accross fairview from sp mall, morrison place, and where the bojangles and garden secrets is going, thats a lot of sq. footage, any idea how many sq. ft of retail is in the greater southpark area?
  11. thats why we need the land between morrison and colony to expand, that could be our phipps we could put a very sizable chunk of real estate on it. One of my friends used to live in those apts and they were not that great, they were pretty nice for apts but we could definately lose them. Anyone have any info on that propety?
  12. Edit not going to this poster's level sent PMs to NCB and monsoon hopefully they'll take care of it
  13. I second that motion hardcore, but I think we could at least 200,000 more sq ft by just building up, in a couple locations, including the one I redesigned
  14. I have an exterior rendering I'm drawing up too hehe, not that any of this would ever matter, I wonder how I could get this stuff to simon haha
  15. here is a redesign of the Circle K parcel, what do ya'll think, Its definately poor quality and I'm sorry, but I was just doing a few ideas.
  16. yea me too, but thats beside the point, does anyone think southpark mall will occupy the space between morrison in colony, any time soon, because I would love to see it happen, that area is landlocked by retail, morrison place, shoppes at the park, southpark mall and morrocroft, it might as well be southpark2 here is an aerial view of the Circle K if you made it part of the parking deck, which wouldn't be hard at al, you could put a pretty sizable building there, it would just be a challege because you'd haveta upfit the parking deck too
  17. If you look at the original southpark plan... there is a different building on the corner and plenty of space for like an L shaped building, I would prefer for it to stay, and be upfitted, is there such thing as a gas station connected to an office/retail building, that would be a neat concept, but I dunno if it'd be possible, just an idea. As it stands the circle K really takes away from the area, it really doesn't fit the style of southpark, not that I want it in EFIS but I'd like some brick or something, I mean hell even the mcdonalds is nice looking Oh and one more thing, Of late, Southpark mall has started reaching accross morrison blvd, does anyone think that there will be furthur retail or maybe some high density residential linking southpark mall and morrison place, where the apartments between the two retail centers are located. With Garden Secrets or whatever its called, Bojangles and Walgreens going I think there could definately be more shopping and residential behind it. What do ya'll think, I don't think Southpark is tapped out of land, I think it just needs to look both ways before crossing the street.
  18. I can definately see the Circle K going away or being upfitted or something in the near future
  19. FINALLY AN RL!!!!!!!!! I already had my lacoste there and that was fine, now I get my other favourite store :-D
  20. anyone have a link the the crate and barrel rendering?
  21. Drove By village at southpark, impressive and going up fast I assume the steel thing next to the entrance is Crate and Barrel?
  22. there is a tower going with the hyatt conversion? Since when? and how tall
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