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  1. there are a couple new things on interior renderings. There is a picture of the kitchen, the lobby and that awesome bath. mmmm floor to ceiling glass, must be nice, :-) I don't care how much it sets be back but I want my A1 on the 24th floor, skyline view, I want it soooo bad.
  2. where did you find that, thats amazing.
  3. So where is the big new ballroom gonna go exactly??? anyone know anything about that?
  4. wouldn't that be their reason to go to atlanta? coke
  5. the playing of "Lets get it started" took me by suprise expected country music. Party was pretty goofy tho I must admit
  6. confetti and balloons, we got it baby, :-D
  7. haha glad to see my insomniacs on again
  8. ohhhh well I'm a little less frightened, thanx crispin :-D
  9. if the bid gets any higher we can kiss the arts plan goodbye
  10. uh oh, I am getting pretty nervous now....
  11. thankfully ngp I don't think second ward would allow that to happen, and I'm pretty sure we would all be otu there picketing, I highly doubt that would ever happen
  12. glad you agree apparently at least 4 people in the charlotte board (right now when posting) agree with this statement
  13. insomnia is the only way to live, congradulations to charlotte, this is where racing was born, and where racing belongs, I'm not a nascar fan, but I'm a fan of charlotte, and a fan of nc and this will do great things for our city, so is it true that france just bought a house in charlotte recently? also what is the time table of such a project when is the predicted opening???? can't take too long to build
  14. tis sad, I loved the renderings if only things could be as bright and colorful and shiny, as they are in the renderings, but alas they never are, I don't hate this project, I see the 80s appearence but I still like it, its not too bad, and I still think if I lived there i'd show it off to my friends because no matter what you still live inside the 277 loop, and thats something to brag about
  15. I don't buy into that at all, sorry
  16. One word, Trespassing, its pretty easy, hehe, at least thats how I get my pix, I'd just assume that would be the case for you too
  17. god, I am in love with this building from the front, and its growing on me from the back, thanx for the pix, can't wait til theres commotion inside, and lights on, hustling and bustling and such
  18. don't get defensive buddy, I know you agree with that, I was just bringing it up, thanx for including that detail, I'm only in charlotte ever once in a while, so i don't get to see these free mags
  19. I stand corrected, I appologize, SouthPark Magazine is not a 100% credible source, however, oh and after a good look over the site plan, yea thats definately just the height above sea level of the site, I was so excited too, guess it pays to read more indepth into things Don't know how I feel about that blank wall in the rear, they must be planning on something to cover it up, I mean even with the gorgeous blue building there, its still unsightly in a way, better hope for something good to cover that up.
  20. it was always just a rumor, it was just hype-created.
  21. that might be the heighest point I can't remember
  22. well charlotte is an average 795 feet above sea level, so now were talking about a 1519 feet, hehe, I wish
  23. Wow I like it very very very nice, any photo updates on courtside?
  24. amazing idea, I had been discounting the article thinking it was about the nights, shame on me.... GO MARLINS! Just wait til the panthers win the super bowl then we'll get even more momentum under the national and international spotlight
  25. wonder if they heard our cries for help, the back of it has been growing on me lately, for some reason, and as usual I still think the front is gorgeous. only one question, where are these white dots ya'll speak of?
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