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  1. I Say its between Charlotte and Daytona
  2. don't say most of it, its not most of the project, its a portion of the costs
  3. they need to add the brickwork soon, because as of now, this place is looking very blahhhhh
  4. is that a case of white flight?
  5. Are you kidding me? Who can afford that? what are you talking about charlotte is full of rich people, I hope you knew that. The people moving into this town (1000 a week) are all like 30 year old rich childless couples.
  6. oof, never thought about that, what if the back of court6 is ugly too?????? that would not be good, and it looks like thats how its shaping up to be, ugly :-(
  7. Have a happy holiday everyone. :-D ~Clay~
  8. If marshall park no longer exists, where is pride gonna take place????
  9. thats just what the guy at the vue sales center said, he said it was the first window like it to appear in charlotte, its been on buildings such as burj al arab, in dubai, to keep people from frying basically, these windows do exist but I don't know exactly how they work. Its a relatively new technology, you can do some amazing things with glass, have you heard about the new bullet proof glass that you can shoot through only on the inside, thats pretty darn cool, and glass that withstands a 9.0 earthquake. The Vue's price is all the tub and windows hehe.
  10. In the vue they have special windows that do not let heat or cold come in, the glass stays the same temperature as inside, I dunno how it works but I wonder if courtside has the same thing
  11. but if the dog drank, who would be your designated walker???
  12. the epicenter still really gets to me, how short it is in this picture, and that it has the second building in this picture, the guy working at the sales center was convinced there was a second tower, I thought they had ruled it out.... Anyways, gorgeous models, I can't decide whether the incorrect scale is about lack of research, or just a marketing scheme, as cheesy of a marketing scheme as that'd be. But still everyone in the Runnings for a condo of this magnitude probably wants to be bigger and better, so no matter how small of a marketing scheme it could be, it is still quite powerful.
  13. went by the vue sales center with my camera, but unfortunately the battery was dead, fate has pulled a cruel trick on me, he has, but seriously people need to get down there and see this thing, its amazing, and the vue is gonna look so nice, we are gonna have a second defined skyline view, that'll be the view of epicenter, Hearst, Bank of America Corp, IJL aka whatever tryon it is, Avenue, Carillon, Trademark, and then the vue, its gonna look so great, It'll give our skyline so much width from all angles, down the line you'll even be able to see the new wachovia, I am so excited, ya'll haveta go down there and check out the model, from all angles, thats my favourite, take that picture monsoon took from the train yard and imagine the new buildings in there, its breathtaking truely breathtaking. 2008, I can't wait. The guy at the Sales Center, his name is bo, said the building should go up in a year and a half because of the tunnel form design, he said it should go up faster than you can imagine. Apparently in the condos you can be loud as you want and nobody can here you. Another thing I learned from my visit was that apparently the Avenue, bleh Novare I hate them, told people that their building was all concrete too, but according to Public Records, it only had a concrete foundation, should be interesting, thats just what the sales rep said tho. I'm gonna do my best to go back tommorrow with a working camera Speaking of which how do you add personal photos anyways????
  14. not working for, what interior shots are there of?
  15. Does the building taper upwards or is that just perspective because even looking at the ground floor which is below the horizon line, it seems to taper.... I may just be wrong, whata y'all think
  16. someone take pix!.... pleaseee...
  17. the Breakfast club ain't that bad, I love that place, spent many a night there with friends, but I do hate the parking lot, with all my heart, I want it to go away. BOOO parking lots, yay furman
  18. how is that going to look, thats interesting, how is there enough room for that?
  19. Anybody hear anything else about novare possible new Southpark tower, and what exactly is going infront of the new dillards parking deck on the corner of Morrison and Sharon?
  20. I printed out the picture, got out a ruler, drew horizon line, perspective lines, and its a good bit taller than IJL, and not much shorter than hearst, I dunno where in the world you get about as tall as IJL from, plus this is just a rendering, look at the rendering of the avenue, it can't be that much shorter than IJL, as it is in the picture. don't take this picture as WHAT its gonna look like. looks like 4 stories shorter than hearst, print it out and get a ruler, don't let perspective fool your eyes
  21. huge bedrooms for a condo..............
  22. yes I realize it, thats just what people were calling it on this message board which was suprising to me, but still its great to have that nasty colour gone
  23. no monsoon because the floorplan of each floor will be half the size of the one storie floors.
  24. HOoray for ugly brick being painted white :-D I dunno if anyone else noticed
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