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  1. the sears roebuck tower is 1,454 feet talland 110 stories, the vue will be 50 stories and around 700 feet, wow, I never really thought about that til now, wow, thats a huge height difference, hell BofA is only 871 ft thats is so small in comparison, charlotte we need wachovia to be 1000 ft
  2. yea generally you can't feel it, if you got motion sickness it is probably more of a pyschological thing mixed with a small fear of heights
  3. why is this building the shortest 17 stories I've ever seen?
  4. Dubone you live around east blvd, I used to work on the corner of east blvd and dilworth road, and I am frequently known as a caribum because well I'm always at caribou on east blvd. But anyways I am always suprised that nobody has mentioned anything about rosewood, on providence road and sharon amity, thats the one that keeps making me raise my eyebrows, and assume a confused look, what do y'all think about that building.
  5. this would be a nice look for dillards I Kinda like this look
  6. I mean it would kinda make sense for the gateway to this city to me nascar but I wouldn't wanna see it. I mean yes Nascar is an extremely profitable business (notice how I don't say sport, because nascar, nba, nfl, they are all businesses, and very wonderfully structured businesses I might add), but I just don't want it to be a gateway to the city
  7. how is that for sticking out in prague y'all, seriously
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