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  1. Well thanks for the veiled insult Jones, by my business school professors say I do know a little bit about numbers, otherwise they wouldn't have awarded me that Master's degree, now would they? If you think you know so much about me, why don't you take the time to read my publicly available bio. I feel so informal about this, you seem to know so much about you, yet I don't even know your name, why is that? Oh, maybe its because I don't hide behind an anonymous message board persona. You know what else I know? I also know that if I or my family members buy up land and then use public reso
  2. Don't know why you feel the need to point out the corruption of the NC Senate to me given I've been on that beat for about 3 years now... On a different note: Hard Times Cafe closing this week. http://www.newraleigh.com/articles/archive...s-cafe-closing/
  3. Hmm... "David Meeker, Chris Powers, and David
  4. I figured a spot in The Hillsborough was the most logical place. Kinda interesting that Second Empire makes a move on this right after the plug is pulled on The Hillsborough.
  5. Sandwich/coffee shop to serve the new law school perhaps?
  6. If a Subway opened up in North Raleigh, would the Mayor show up and make a big announcement?
  7. Tookies has been busy every time I've been there for lunch. Peace China, well... let's just say I was less than impressed. I'll get Red Dragon or take out a 2nd mortgage on the house and splurge for PF Chang's before I go back there. Ace has been dead every time I've been in there. I don't know how they will make it.
  8. Ok, I hate to seem like I'm against poor people, but when is the City going to relocate the low-income housing residents out of that tower on Glenwood South and sell that huge piece of land off to developers. It just doesn't fit the area anymore. Time for it to go. Over 2 acres of land generating no tax revenue in a high growth area.
  9. Well if McCrory would have won, the CLT-Paris flight would have been booked so he could keep going often to study the transportation system.
  10. Ate their today to try it out. They have a build your own salad bar and a build your own pasta bar. Hot items like burgers and gyros available as well. The deli sandwiches are all pre-made and sitting in a deli case and pulled out for your order. That was a little disappointing. I know it saves time, but just makes me wonder about the freshness. Food was OK. I had a chicken parmesan panini that was pre-made in the deli case, they took it out and grilled it. With chips and drink combo it was $9.14.
  11. The thing that surprised me the most about these signs were they were primarily in the yards of the older African-American households on Oberlin. I know there is some concern about increased traffic on Oberlin near Wade (I know firsthand that you can sometimes have a quite long wait turning left off Craig or Hillcrest onto Oberlin), but I can take more traffic if I have more places I can walk to and it increases my property value. To steal the GOP's mantra from last month instead of "Drill Baby Drill" I say "Build Baby Build."
  12. In another sign of Rocky Top Hospitality's struggles, Bogart's is no longer open for lunch. They now open at 5pm. I was really digging the $6 lunch specials. Their burgers were surprisingly really good.
  13. Heard a pretty good rumor that Aries will be closing soon, undergoing some renovations and reopening with new management and less of an "eclectic" nightly themes format. It'll be more mainstream nightclub like Ess Lounge.
  14. Demolition seems to have begun on the old service station across Hillsborough from Char-Grill.
  15. Looks like Obama is moving his headquarters to empty storefront on the corner of Hargett and Wilmington (surrounded on both sides by the Brass Grill). Temporary tenancy, but tenants nonetheless. On a different note, has anyone heard anything on retail updates at Oberlin Court? Construction seems to be moving along and yet we hear nothing announced regarding restaurants or shops.
  16. Anyone hearing rumors that Rocky Top Hospitality (Michael Deans people) is struggling pretty bad? Supposedly, 1705Prime has been pretty much a flop. It's overpriced and is not drawing near the crowds that Michael Deans' did at that location. The new Michael Deans' isn't drawing well. I ate at Bogarts on Saturday night and although the place was crowded (mainly from prom crowds -- I was still able to walk in at 7:45 and get a table for 4 with no wait), they had changed up the menu, reduced portions and increased prices. They even started charging $1 for bread. A guy I was with is
  17. Don't know about that, but if you can hit The Borough for 1/2 price apps from 4-7, then F'St Tavern for 1/2 price at 10, you can eat pretty cheap in the off hours.
  18. Fayetteville Street Tavern has reopened for lunch on Wed-Fri with a smaller menu.
  19. I had been to Yancey's 3-4 times for lunch in the 6 months after they opened and haven't been back. Food on the buffet was hit or miss, some things great, others not so much. The other problem was the service was pretty bad. For a bunch of people ordering fromt he buffet I expected a little more prompt service on refilling the drinks. And having to wait on the check is completely unacceptable. And it wasn't that cheap either. Start getting into the $12-15 range for lunch and it doesn't make the usual rotation.
  20. When I lived up in DC there was a coffee shop/restaurant called Cosi XandO that served small plates, coffee and alcohol. Fantastic place and something like that would be perfect for the Reynolds Building with the Campbell Law School coming in. They had these individual smores kits where you'd get a little burner and all the components... perfect way to finish off a night out around 2 or 3.
  21. Fayetteville Street Tavern is no longer open for lunch. Went walking by yesterday on my way to Brass Grill and sign on the door says they now open at 4pm. But at least The Mint will be open for lunch soon so those Tavern diners will have somewhere to go!
  22. Most of the time, Wal-Marts are required to add the road/traffic control improvements on their own dime, just as any neighborhood built has to add turn lanes. The debate here isn't just about Wal-Mart, it's about ANOTHER $1 million spent downtown (in addition to the convention center, the amphitheater, the re-opening of F Street, the cash payment to build the RCC's hotel, etc.) and $0 going to SE Raleigh, NE Raleigh, West Raleigh or genreally any other part of Raleigh for development. How much has been spent downtown vs. how much did they city invest (if anything at all) to spawn Wakefie
  23. First, we don't receive tax revenue from the building The Mint is located in since the City of Raleigh owns it. Opportunity cost #1. Second, the 26.65 acres that Wal-Mart owns on Sunnybrook Drive where they would have built has a tax value of $5.2 million. By comparison, the Wal-Mart in Wake Forest has an assessed tax value of $15.5 million, generating $175,000 in property taxes per year. Opportunity cost #2.
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