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  1. ....I don't mean to depress anyone here but...WINTER STORM WATCH IN EFFECT FROM FRIDAY AFTERNOON THROUGH LATE SATURDAY NIGHT Wswdtx Storm Total Snow Accumulations May Exceed 8 Inches. Don't worry, won't post anything till it turns into a warning. But winter never ends. According to Jerry Hodak 8"-12" isn't out of the question ontop of the 5"-8" most of us saw yesturday. Thinking about those total numbers makes me dizzy. Becoming headline news. This could easily be the biggest one of the season. http://www.wxyz.com/news/story.aspx?conten...a9-eeb6a8075968 Total Storm Accumula
  2. Haha they just are so unsure of this stuff!! WINTER STORM WARNINGS HAVE BEEN POSTED STARTING AT 7 PM. SNOW TOTALS: 4"-6" SOUTH 5"-8" NORTH. Snow Is Expected Develop After 4 PM This Afternoon...Increase Intensity After 7 PM This Evening...And Then Continue Through The Night Becoming Heavy At Times. The Snow May Mix With Sleet During The Evening. Total Snowfall Is Expected To Be In The 5 To 8 Inch Range By Sunrise Wednesday Morning. In Addition... Strong Northeast Winds Gusting Up To 30 Mph Will Create Additional Hazards Of Blowing And Drifting Snow. The Snow Will Come To An End By 7 AM Wedn
  3. snow totals changed 2-5 Inches south 3-6 for north but the significant Icing will remain a possibility for all of Metro Detroit.
  4. Well, taking everyone's advice . Here we go again http://www.wxyz.com/default.aspx "SIGNIFICANT ACCUMULATIONS OF WINTRY PRECIPITATION ARE POSSIBLE. ICE ACCUMULATIONS FROM FREEZING RAIN MAY EXCEED A QUARTER INCH IN WASHTENAW AND WAYNE COUNTIES... " Snow and sleet with a chance of light freezing rain during the evening...then snow. Additional snow accumulations 2 to 4 inches possible...for a storm total of 4 to 6 inches. With Significant Icing Likely. Otherwise cloudy and brisk. Lows 18 to 22. Northeast winds 15 to 25 mph...becoming north 10 to 20 mph. Chance of precipitat
  5. Wow some cool stuff happening in Atalana!! I like atlanta alot. It's like Detroit in many ways except doesn't have as much of a scorned reputation.Detroit's gotton alot nice over the past decade and Detroit's rep. will get better just like Atlanta's did!!Really cool condos going up!!
  6. I know the second lego building! That's my dad's office!!
  7. I love the Motor City Casino Hotel tower! it matches the architecture of the actual casino. i havent been there yet but i plan 2 go in may=) should be fun.
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