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  1. I would like to congraduate Mayor Dave Bing for winning re-election as the Mayor of the city of Detroit. I would also like to congraduate the City of Detroit for picking Bing over .. that.. other guy who dosn't even matter. The city of Detroit now has steady leadership for the next four years. Hopefully Bing will continue all of the changes he has been making to the city so it will one day rise from the ashes.
  2. How many other small Librarys like this are there in the city of Detroit? Also what is the Main Branch in Midtown on Woodward like? Thanks (100)
  3. Yes. Does anyone know anything about the Library just to the left of it?
  4. Where is the parking for this thing going to end up? Is it going to be above the ground floor or under ground? Thanks, I love Chicago
  5. Dose anyone know the story of this building located on Bagley st. near Grand Circus? Seems like it is for sale or redevelopment or something. With its size and location it seems like it would be a good buy. Thanks
  6. Looks good, any idea of the likeliness of this happening? Also where can you find the full details of this plan? Finally I wish they would do somthing to bring up the Red Run river near downtown Royal Oak. Thanks
  7. Thanks, Can't wait to see the rest, maybe greektown and MGM?
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