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  1. A group of area leaders met recently to brainstorm about big development possibilities downtown. Some of the ideas are big and visionary. Maria Saporta's column has all details. Very exciting, if they can pull it off. There seems to be a growing will to do it. Here's the link. http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/printedit...aport0423a.html
  2. Imagine the Beltline using a system like this...
  3. I agree. We simply must elect officials who make smart policy, instead of practicing the politics of expediancy and divisiveness.
  4. macdaddy


    The Princeton Lakes residences, which are adjacent to Camp Creek Market Place, are inside Atlanta's city limits. When completed, there will be around 1,000 households. Also in full swing is Cascade Parc, at the old King's Ridge location, which will have about 330 households. When you look at the city as a whole, what I'm seeing looks like a net gain in population. I've always felt that the census bureau has undercounted Atlanta's population.
  5. Unbelievable that those were discontinued. Even if we had only some of those lines again, it would make a huge difference in mobility from one part of the city to another.
  6. Exactly right! That's the Spring Street viaduct alright.
  7. Me too, Andrea. This not only promotes redevelopment on the southside, but connectivity of transit lines that converge there. That should be a goal citywide.
  8. I think that slab is the street-level "treatment" for the parking deck that's east of Museum Tower, along Baker Street. And you're right, it would've been nice to have retail or some other presence facing the street there.
  9. Great shots, Eric. Isn't that Williams Street in the foreground?
  10. Great town square. Newnan should definitely be proud of what it has. Kudos!
  11. Great angle of the Flatiron Bldg. That's one of my faves!
  12. This is a great resource, Ironchapman. Greenwood Cemetery off Cascade Road is sizable. It also has a memorial to the Holocaust.
  13. Right. Most roads and highways don't generate revenue. Transit development shouldn't be held to a double standard. Besides, transit projects are generally less expensive to build per mile than roads. We're always going to have roads, but let's make the transportation options more balanced so people will have choices.
  14. Hey everybody. I'm the new kid on the block. I agree with this assessment. Hopefully the Beltline will encourage more development inward to meet with development growing outward from the CBD. It'll take some time but it's a first step.
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