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  1. Big news: Walmart is building a new home office in Bentonville. Click
  2. I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine at Walmart - not based in Bentonville. Loves the town, has come down numerous times for business. He's toying with the idea of transferring to NWA, but he can't even get his significant other to visit. "I can't convince him to tag along when he can visit Paris for the same price."
  3. Came across this article today about the want/need of a convention center in Bentonville. Just wondering what thoughts you guys might have on the potential project or what you've heard. I certainly agree there is a need. I just hope, if and when this becomes a reality, they go with a location that allows future growth. I'm not sure the old Nunnally Chevrolet property would be the right fit.
  4. Speaking of, XNA just posted its best January on record. Stats
  5. I'm interested in the lack of discussion about the Promenade. So that made me wonder, what is everyone's general feeling/opinion of the state of NWA's biggest shopping mall? I do not get to visit very often myself. It is encouraging that news of a closing seems very seldom, but with the economy back on track (to an extent) and the situation in NWA, I'm very surprised we haven't seen additions like Anthropolgie or JCrew. I had hoped with the Metro's passing of the 500k population landmark, along with the improved economy, we might see the Promenade slowly turn into a slightly more upscale shopping destination. But, at least at first glance, it does not look like that has been the case thus far.
  6. I really hate this. Grocery shopping in NWA is really not up to par with most areas our size, or even much smaller areas for that matter. I recently visited the massive new Kroger superstore in Saline County. It offers such a better experience than anything we have here in every single way. More products than Walmart or Harps, better deli, sushi bar, very large organic/natural foods section, florist, Starbucks, bakery, etc. I also recently visited a couple of friends, one in Lubbock and one in Tallahassee. The United stores in TX and the Publix chain in Florida are just incredible upgrades over what Walmart and Harp's offer. Natural Grocers, Fresh Market, Ozark, and soon Whole Foods, are all nice alternatives. But I really am not happy with any of the larger offerings here. I have a hard time believing a very nice Kroger store would not do well. I would travel a little further just for the better experience.
  7. Just curious as to why an access ramp to I-49 was not included in the new Van Ashe extension. I'm guessing costs? I've seen it discussed on here, but I haven't heard the reason or if there are future plans for it. It sounds like it will be a needed addition soon with all that is seemingly in the works for that area.
  8. I mostly support the social justice initiatives that the council takes on. And I don't say that simply to get my political beliefs out there, I say that because I am also frustrated by their economic/growth agenda (or lack thereof). It amazes me that the current members lack the capacity to take on both of these issues simultaneously. It is possible to have a socially progressive city that is also friendly to growth. If that is what they are going for, then height restrictions, for example, provide no discernible social "good." There are many examples of environmentally friendly, socially conscious cities around the country that are also magnets for growth (Austin, Ashville, Raleigh to name a few). While there might be a few "socially conscious/business friendly" policy positions that butt heads, often the two are completely separate, and sometimes they can work well together. If you're open minded about it, you can have your cake and eat it too. Unfortunately....
  9. I just wanted to add something about the Natural Grocers opening here tomorrow. I lived in Albuquerque from 2011-2013 and this was one of my go to stores. The stores there were very nice and provided an enjoyable experience. ABQ had Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Natural Grocers to choose from, and while it's not Trader Joes, I believe Fayetteville will be pleasantly surprised by this addition. I encourage you guys to check it out. Hopefully it will be to the same standard I remember.
  10. Utility work will begin soon on the 325,000 sqft, 65 store outlet mall. Good info in here.
  11. Here is a map of each state's annual growth according to new estimates released Monday by the Census Bureau. You guys certainly know more about it than I do, but I was a little disappointed that Arkansas was tied for second to last in the South with Alabama with .3% growth, and only .1% above Mississippi.
  12. Thanks. You're right. Here is the link.
  13. Anyone know what is going on at the corner of Harmon and Center? There is a sizable lot being cleared.
  14. Good news with the announcement of American Airlines service beginning to Los Angeles. And just out of curiosity, what are everyone's thoughts on the new concourse? I have yet to experience it.
  15. I went out to pick someone up from XNA a couple days ago. What is all the dirt work that is going on? Another runway? And I obviously couldn't go beyond security, but does anyone have any reviews of the expansion? Was it well done?
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