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  1. TallTampa

    Tampa Development Thread

    DT Tampa has come quite a ways in the last 5 years IMO and I feel like they(city leaders and developers) are generally heading in the right direction....change takes time though. I agree w/ your view on St.Pete, their DT is set-up nicely and seem to have set the standard for Tampa (and Clearwater) to follow.
  2. TallTampa

    Tampa Development Thread

    This will be a very nice addition to our skyline.
  3. TallTampa

    St. Petersburg Development News

    Lots of energy downtown right now. I was down there for First Friday last week and there was a huge crowd and lots going on. I feel like St.Pete is one of the more underated cities in the Southeast. Things have really turned around and it seems like it's only going to get better. Most of the projects on this thread are likely to happen (or are happening) and more are apparently on the way. A great turnaround for a city that was down and out 15 years ago.
  4. TallTampa

    Tampa Development Thread

    These would make Tampa more of a "classic downtown" with the density of high-rises. Downtown Tampa is on it's way to becoming a true 24-hour urban center.