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  1. Orlando would have to get an NFL team before it could get the Super Bowl since the NFL policy is to only put the Super Bowl in NFL cities.
  2. Those are some great pics. I wish we had a skyscraper with a spire like the RSA Bldg. and a downtown cruise ship terminal. Mobile is really coming along. I love L.A. (That is Lower Alabama for you Yankees).
  3. I'm with you, Lake. I think your plan is clearly the way to go. I believe that rail would be more heavily used than bus because of the continuing stigma in America (and certainly in Jax) to riding the bus. I also think that future developments could be built (as they have been in other cities) around rail to utilize the rail network. Why aren't we in charge?
  4. For the record, however, I do support bringing train service back to the Prime Orborne in conjunction with expanding the existing convention center. I just think that this idea is a bridge too far. I also can never support the construction of something so ugly in such a prominent location.
  5. Regarding the Transportation Center, I think this is a good idea in theory, but in reality, the types of people who use the train and especially the bus services are not exactly upscale. I dont know when the last time y'all visited the bus station was, but generally people who ride the bus are on their last economic legs and wont do anything to improve downtown. Train travel is a little more upscale (I took the train to NYC last yr and enjoyed it). I question the utility of including the bus service though - how many people actually come to town on a train and then get on a bus? Maybe 10 a day at most? I guess I am just concerned that this transportation center might get in the way of potential convention center business and this would not help anyone. By the way, who designed that bomb shelter meets parking garage meets New Mexico strip mall? Was it a color blind time traveler from the 1970s? How about a design that relates in some way to the old train station??
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