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  1. Oooooooooo, that all sounds sweet and juicy!!!!!!!
  2. Just looking around on WAFF's website and saw the ALFA Camera Network. Clicked on the Decatur view and it's got a really nice view of the riverfront. You can see the condo project next to Rhodes Ferry Park and I'm sure you'll be able to see building's rising up in a few months at the interchange. http://www.waff.com/global/Category.asp?C=113774
  3. ^^^Hey, nice work. At least it gives me an idea of what everything'll look like. Or at least close to it. Thanx!
  4. I, along with most of the city leaders and residents, was worried about what was going to happen to the sudden glut of office space in downtown Decatur after all the bank mergers occured. And I've been rather surprised. Not only has office space been taken up by other companies and businesses after AmSouth and UnionPlanters left, there actually seems to be a higher occupancy rate. I'm not sure what entity took up the space in the old AmSouth Tower, but it's obvious there are people in the building during the night, so when you drive down 6th Avenue, it's not just a sea of darkness. And the other Union planters building is now being occupied by Progress Bank, and newly formed bank with offices in Decatur and Huntsville, which I assume is based in Decatur. Anyways, here's a picture of the building that Progress Bank renovated to an extent.
  5. OH WOW!! That lake is gonna be HUGE! I know this is asking a whole lot, but could someone make up a map from like Google Earth or something for the park. Like, and segment it into the stages, what's being built now and what's being built later. My map editing skills are very very.......terrible I guess would be the best word...
  6. So, is the lake picture just a blown up picture from the 2 picture? Or is it on the same scale as the second picture just too big to fit into the second?
  7. Decatur Daily reports that the Chile's Bar and Grill in Decatur, in front of Home Depot, will be open by mid August. The developer says that at 6,000 square feet, it will be larger than most of the other Huntsville area locations. An Academy Sports store is also planned for the lot adjacent to the Chile's location.
  8. Article from the Tuscaloosa News today: CONSULTANT HIRED FOR AMPITHEATER The city of Tuscaloosa has hired a consultant to help it decide what type of ampitheater to build, how to build it, and how to operate it once it is built. Plans call for it to be built along the riverfront next to the Hugh Thomas Bridge in downtown. The consultant is from Red Mountain Entertainment, and was part of the development of the wharf in Orange Beach. I hadn't heard of this before but it sounds like a wonderful idea. An attraction in that part of downtown could do a lot. The area is very walkable, but I would like to see the riverwalk connect and close that void in the middle where those industries and the Army Corp of Engineers are located. ARTICLE:Consultant hired
  9. Living in luxury on Burleson Mountain The Decatur Planning Commision gave a favorable recomendation about the proposed subdivision on Burleson Mountain in Decatur next to the Indian Hills Golf Course. The current phase will be 35.8 acres of the golf course in 94 lots of the subdivision. The subdivision will consist of attributes that make it very pedestrian friendly. Off street driveways, and garages, and broad porches will be part of all of the houses. Developers intend to recreate old Decatur in the suburbs. The full subdivision once completely built will be 400 lots on 166 total acres in the city limits. ARTICLE: Burleson development
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