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  1. Just gotta say I love Portland ME.and that city wouldn't be the same without its hilly terrain and natural topographical boundaries so well incorporated in its downtown and waterfront.
  2. Thats what I mean,screw Colt,infrastructure is the most important thing,I84 must be dealt with not some private and somewhat shady project like Colt.I wonder how much money is lost daily due to traffic tie-ups on 84?91 isn't perfect but gridlock in the area near the Colt building isn't nearly as bad as the main east-west thoroughfare in the Capitol region.Besides I91 is built on top of a dike and how do you deal with the Park river which empties in the Ct river half way between Colt and the CCC?
  3. V of R,what is your fascination with burying 91?Riverfront Recapture was a great success and now people want to link the city with the river,its already been done.....84 is a much more urgent project that needs to be dealt with right now.What the hell Larson was thinking when he talked about 91 I'll never know, maybe its one of those things where a congressman reaches for the earmark he thinks is most likely to be approved even though burying 91 is unnecassary.Get on the Aetna viaduct I84 project Mr.Larson,its much more important.
  4. I think an exhibit about all the failed proposals for the Hartford region would be a nice touch
  5. I agree Peddler,after 15 years of fund raising for Riverfront Recapture Larson wants to bury the one highway which has been modified and simply ignore 84 and the Aetna viaduct,what an #**[email protected]&!
  6. my company is based in Durham and we do a lot of work in Hartford.I think Meriden should be in tha Hartfod msa as well
  7. I'm not sure what this means but Friday the 24th I saw and heard guys jackhammering south of the Phoenix and Travellers buildings.I was at State house square and couldn't get a good look but hopefully this may be a start.
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