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  1. Progress from my walk today. There were probably about 30 ppl onsite working furiously setting forms on top of the piles, from what it looked like.
  2. Went to O's donuts. It was delicious. Peanut butter glazed. Need I say more.
  3. AW Shuck's also serves Norfolk's own microbrew, O'Connor's. The same guys own Tortilla West, which is one of my favorite Norfolk restaurants.
  4. I just hope the powers that be have a plan for waterside and we are being kept in the dark. If they could get a urban best buy and a target, keep outback and get a few other restaurants like pf chang's and maybe a legal seafood, then waterside might be rescued. Oh, and keep hooter's too.
  5. Because I am going to try to beat one of the light rail cars in a foot race.
  6. Went and saw Grizzly Bear? Great band!
  7. That would be the Chrysler museum expansion.
  8. They should keep it purple. I like it!
  9. 37th and Zen is really good. Not really in the village, but the food is terrific. Try the fried pickles.
  10. AJ Gators is good for a sunday afternoon. Good wings, beer, and the MLB package.
  11. Trump Sr. did, in fact, build the hague towers. It was his second major project. Leaned that from a 80 year old cab driver...so it must be true!
  12. New rendering. Now with dramatic uplighting!
  13. I agree. The building is (I think) only 10 - 20 ft short of Dominion Towers. LTD could go for the gusto and get the recognition of having the tallest building in Norfolk. If I remember correctly, the LTD family owns the top two floors. It would be nice to be above everybody. Even David Wright. That being said...I love this building!
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