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  1. Not apartments. This is a doggy daycare facility. Just beginning to move dirt for the apartments which are on Suttle Ave across from Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services building.
  2. Anyone know what's being built at the corner of W. Morehead and Wilkinson? Grading complete and and curbing being installed.
  3. All the buildings were red, white, blue for flag day. It's back to all white now, but the fading of light intensity is getting better.
  4. The plants don't help. The developer needs to take down the parking deck scrim, paint the deck walls black so they recede, and reinstall the scrim. A couple gallons of paint would make this project look much better. It would make this building an #uptownstunner
  5. The Brookhill Apartment property at Remount & S Tryon would be ideal. It's about 25 acres. Walking distance to light rail & rail trail, just off I77, and is bordered by Southside community park. Maybe a quasi Meck County/private partnership could get the job done. The property owner can get a tax write off by donating the property, with naming rights of course, to the County.
  6. Why can't we get something like the new Hargett Place "brownstones" in Raleigh?
  7. No mention of retail? Damn shame, this area has such potential for a stroll district.
  8. I went there once. Really bad experience too. Our order somehow vanished and after an hour of waiting they offered up an app. Food was OK, but saw no reason to ever return.
  9. Fencing and demo signs are up. Looks like several quads are going to be razed. Anyone know what's going on?
  10. Site work started for the next phase of Morrison at SouthPark. Is Grubb doing this project or did it get sold? Plans have changed so many times I'm not sure what is going in -- apartments or senior housing.
  11. Possibly the site across from the Open Kitchen? Construction fencing is up.
  12. I heard it was a Charlotte Pipe & Foundry training facility.
  13. Charlotte Housing Authority project. From their website: Park & Marsh Senior Apartments This $15.7 million construction project is on a 2.23 acre site at the corner of Park Road and Marsh Road in South Charlotte. The project will include 92 one-bedroom units of multi-family housing for seniors (55 and older) with incomes at or below 60% of the area median income. The rents will be subsidized by the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This independent living community for active seniors will be situated in the heart of Charlotte and encompass indoor and outdoor amenities including a
  14. The rezoning is for the long two story brick building, not the shuttered convenience store and prosthetics supplier.
  15. From the Arts and Science Council: Hunt’s sculpture, tentatively titled “Memory Place,” will be made of welded stainless steel, and is intended to create a sculptured collage containing references to Romare Bearden’s artistic practice, traditions and inspirations. Within the referential frame of Bearden’s life, the sculpture conjures up the Eiffel Tower, county churches, and roots in land and water associations. “Together I hope the material of the sculpture, its craftsmanship, its associative possibilities and its lively presence make my homage to Romare Bearden a diversion of both subst
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