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  1. Apparently, there is a Delta 767 stuck at LIT.... http://www.azcentral.com/12news/news...073...7312008-CR.html
  2. It's hard to think that NW will be axing MSP and keeping DTW since the MSP flight is on a larger aircraft. Maybe NW will upgrade to the E-175 on DTW....
  3. its surprising that they are still talking about direct flights with there being a large decline in passenger numbers everywhere. I wonder what the talks with Bombardier will be about....
  4. Not everything is exactly downhill at LIT...NW has upgraded one of the A319 flights to an A320. NW is now flying 1xA320, 1xDC95, and an E-175 daily to MEM. NW also upgraded the MSP run to an E175. I expect a major change-up later this year and early next with the merger.
  5. DL isn't dropping MCO completely. It will be a Saturday only flight effective May 3rd.
  6. I think this this has been touched on a little bit but for the summer season NW is upgrading MSP-LIT to an E-175 and the current LIT-MEM A319 will upgrade to A320 while the mid-day DC-9 flight goes to an E-175.
  7. I think the all RJ deal AA has going on at LIT has something to do with the crash of flt. 1420 several years ago. I guess some people at AA are still a little skeptic about sending MD-80's...
  8. LIT is still going to have a flight to SLC, operating 4 days a week, effective January 3rd.
  9. yep, from what i'm hearing these CRJ's and ERJ's are biting the airlines in the a$$. The next gen CRJ's, Embraer 170/75/90/95, and new Q400's seem to be the way to go. On a different note, is there any new info about a new terminal/renovation? It's been a while since I have heard anything about it.
  10. any more news on a new terminal/addition? The more investments they put into the current terminal, the more likely they will just renovate and add on to it instead of building a brand new one.
  11. If Frontier started n/s mexico flights it would probably be on E-170's. They'll probably just continue on another flight, say CUN-BNA-LIT on an A319. Aeromexico has ERJ-145's and Mexicana only has A318's i believe...
  12. I believe F9 is flying the E170 between Albuquerque and Puerto Vallarta later this year...
  13. Can't seem to book a nonstop flight LIT-STL on AA towards the end of the year....
  14. So does anyone know the what the height of the new tower will be? With 20 stories its definitely going to change the skyline up a bit. The One Union Plaza is 21 stories so I see the River Market Tower being about the same height considering the higher ceilings.
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