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  1. By Michigan law ren-zones can only be extended for large projects (i.e. 100s of jobs or millions of investment) where "significant improvement" has not occurred. It is very difficult for Grand Rapids who is the poster child for Ren-Zone success to argue that
  2. On a personal note about Flights and prices. I recently bought a flight from GR to D
  3. I agree at first the ramp does look large. So I went on Google Earth and looked at the size of ramps for other similar sized cities, Louisville & Dayton, and they are just as large. It seems that we are par for the course and planning for the future like other cities our size.
  4. Well as soon as I get info from TPTB that I am allowed to pass along I will. Here is another bit of ranking info for Michigan. http://www.smalltimes.com/display_article/...tegory-summary/
  5. I'm sorry but I don't know what TPTB means? Good to know that our organization continues to spread the good news.
  6. Below is another positive outside opinion regarding Grand Rapids. I am sure there will be more good news to come for Grand Rapids. I would expect another national news story in the coming weeks. http://modeshift.org/?p=214 On another note I got caught by the Amtrak train this morning and was amazed at how many people were riding on a Tuesday morning! The parking lot was packed and the seats were almost full. I used to live across from the tracks about 5 years ago and my roommates an I would always snicker at the empty train going by. Good to see the change a few years can make.
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