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  1. https://www.4029tv.com/article/i49-bella-vista-bypass-approved-arkansas-missouri/25428710 Funding to finish the section of 49 missing in Bella Vista/ Southern Missouri. Article is vague on details but it is a start.
  2. Was anybody able to find out when/if J Street will be paved/connected to the highway?
  3. Best I can remember it is on Bentonville's master road plan to do it. On another note, 40/29 has a clip that Bentonville will be getting a single point interchange. http://www.4029tv.com/article/ardot-releases-new-i-49-interchange-design/22567499
  4. This will be one of the better interchange designs for the area. I do think they missed a great traffic flow opportunity by utilizing the same old stop light configuration. The amount of traffic that thing will see will be substantial and will cause backups. Lots of examples of high flow interchange designs they could have used. Severaleven mentioned on the forum. Anyone know when they are going to make North J that runs over the highway into an interchange?
  5. I agree that a larger Benton county presence would be nice. Although, this forum has lost a lot of activity over the last few years so just more activity in general would be nice. Good information on the hotels. Hadn't even noticed.
  6. An update on some infrastructure projects. Few points from the article; they refer to Pinnacle Hills as the area downtown, and they will make exit 85 a single point interchange. I myself am a diverging diamond interchange person but a single point is still leaps better than what we currently have. http://m.nwaonline.com/news/2017/dec/11/two-big-road-projects-set-rogers/
  7. Sears has a large footprint within the mall. Curious as to who can fill that space. Does the store own or lease it?
  8. I have lived in cities that created a flyover for different type of interchanges. To me this is the best option. That and a diverging diamond interchange.
  9. This will be helpful. Glad they are not trying to connect this to the highway. We could use more off ramps but there are already to many on ramps.
  10. On Saturday there was a gathering on the square of about 100 people. News reports are saying they are passing around a petition to remove the statue. Found it but couldn't find the one that is opposing it. Odd how the news links to one but not the other.... Personally I think it is silly to have it removed for several reasons. 1) It costs money. 2) It is a part of our town and a part of our history. 3) The statue isn't there because he was a Confederate soldier. He has a statue for the public service he and his family provided after the war. 4) A simple plaque explaining in more detail who he was and why he got a statue would be greater because of all the things above. 5) no matter what we should never allow our history, (good, bad, or indifferent), to be removed from the public eye. Mistakes are less likely if we can learn from the past.
  11. I was told one but can't remember. Something like 35k maybe. But also keep in mind Walmart uses a lot of contractors instead of employees for certain functions. They work at the HO, they take direction and orders from Walmart, but they are not listed s employees. To go further you have the suppliers that work in the HO or directly for it and provide a lot of functions but are not listed as employees either.
  12. 4029 has a thing about exit 88 (central) being updated along with expanding to 6 lanes going south. Does anyone have more info?
  13. Hear reports that i-49 near Lowell flooded. Any idea how and where?
  14. Lots of road work for the bypass being done by Church of Christ in Cave Springs off 112. Was working so I couldn't stop to take any pictures. Edit: Or maybe it was a bit south of that... Either way, its on 112 before you get to Springdale.
  15. I agree with Zman, downtown would be able to support two hotels of high capacity and caliber... They would have some trouble for off-peak times but for events they still run out of room. Try booking a room for BBBBQ, during shareholders, razorback game (even the bla ones).... Even the apartment complexes in the area have started renting out their models on heavy weekends. Not to mention the old plan would easily accommodate condos on several floors to further boost their marketability.
  16. Looking over BVill's master street plan, it shows an expansion of SW 28th st. So we have this road that goes from East rogers to West Bentonville but is cut by the airport. Are there any plans of moving the airport or running a road under the airport? It seems a shame to not have that link since traffic is such a hindrance in that part of town.
  17. An eastern bypass of Fayetteville/Springdale then becoming a western bypass of Rogers/Bentonville/Bella Vista would make the most sense for traffic right now. Rogers would benefit from a limited eastern bypass. However, If you look at projected development patterns South of Fayetteville and, East of Fayetteville, Springdale, Lowell, and Rogers you will notice that there isn't much growth compared to the relatively flat west side of the metro. If you are looking at how to reduce interstate travel on the current highway and appease expected future growth of the metro then the case for a western bypass becomes a viable option; the cost of said route would also be less due to the topography. I don't like a western bypass south of Lowell but I know a lot of supporters for it.
  18. Just in case you dont drive through Farmington
  19. any idea if world gym is going to sell any equipment?
  20. I am sure they are betting that at least half of their customers will bike... The other half will carpool. The other half will use Razorback transit. The other half will use ORT. The other half will walk.... Wait, I think my addition is off :-) I read that they expanded the store footprint b/c of the strong support. I agree that parking may be tight but it doesn't look like it will be overwhelming. The largest concern will be in the evening; the time between people getting done shopping after work and people going to have dinner at the restaurant(s). I do think having access only on college, even only for now, will be a large burden on the customers entering and exiting the shopping complex.
  21. That is big. A great example of how a city can get multi-million dollar project done with little-to-no tax increase. However, where is the veterans park in Lowell? Only sizable park I know of is Ward Nail.
  22. Didn't answer my question but still worth a look. http://5newsonline.com/2015/02/13/construction-update-for-friday/
  23. Got a question or two for anyone who knows. Going northbound from exit 83 to exit 86 they are working to expand to 6 lanes. What I can't tell or find out is if the overpasses are going to be expanded as well or are they just skipping those for now? It looks like they are skipping them. The info I was reading on timelines doesn't match up anymore so I can't tell from that. I understand the reasoning for only doing sections but it is becoming hazardous at times. Can't tell you how many times some person was speeding in the 3rd lane and yanks over at the very last minute. This of course causes the other cars around that car to swerve/brake.
  24. They just need to bite the bullet and extend the highway past 265.... Just bulldoze over the houses and such in the way. Can't mess with the golf course though! Or that tree! I think the purpose of doing some of these road works are because they are expecting more development. As is, the current infrastructure can handle the traffic count. It may be a pain in the rear to navigate the area but it doesn't really back up much. Even West bound Joyce isn't bad for long. Now, if left alone and more high density projects come along (and they will just slower).... We could expect some grid lock.
  25. Driving in older, larger cities I have come to appreciate the creativeness that road crews have. I bet you they can squeeze 2, no, 3 lanes on that flyover :-) On a serious note though, I agree with your concern. There are so many combinations of what they could do to make it "work." Good and not good. Also, what if they try to keep sain connected to 71B... Think how much fun that will be :-) Guess we don't know anything until actual plans come out.
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