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  1. has anyone heard of tenants for the ellis square projects? i know of ruth's chris but havent heard much else, i would assume it would be nicer places
  2. Savannah Baby boom is a big part of population increase: census bureau projects MSA at 380k by 2015 savannah morning news
  3. going back to the riverwalk hotel, theres some construction going on next to the hyatt, so im guessing that is what it is, looks like they've got 2 or 3 floors up so far.
  4. well its good too see that savannah is pulling in solid and consistant gains. at this rate it should be about 350 k in the msa fo the 2010 census and about 415 - 430 k in the csa anyone know the 07 estimates for the cities themselves?
  5. some pictures i took while cruising around today, some were quick shots, but hey it doesnt have to be a grat shot to be a beautiful picture in this city : ) :
  6. found a little something on the hotel going up next to ellis square: avia savannah hotel
  7. looks exactly like st. pat's in savannah except not so green lol
  8. wow the drawings look great. i would never trust a website for anything in savannah, they usually dont keep up with them. the building looks to be more like 8-9 stories on the riverside. where on riverstreet is it supposed to be at maybe i could go check it out and see if anything is happening
  9. hmmm cant say i know of or what that is, but looks good. im guessing its on river street?
  10. skyline shots of savannah back in august:
  11. anyone hear anymore of what restaurants/ shops and such will be coming downtown near ellis square? and what brand hotel are they bringing in?
  12. that was talking about the cities. the ports are a different story. in terms business, yes, savannah is third, but the ports do provide pretty much all of the businesses in georgia with supplies. so in terms of trade i think savannah is definitly #1 since we provide the rest of georgia with the materials on which to build your wealth, even if savannah as a city isnt the wealthiest or biggest.
  13. the reason its not part of the csa right now is because theres just nothing between the two except highways. you have ridgeland and hardee ville and other small communities, but its all still fairly undeveloped. their is a strong connection between the two, transportation and buissness wise, and i think in the nex 10 - 15 years it will officially be one csa at that point, with jasper and liberty counties, and possibly effingham as well added to the msa. add those and even right now and you'd have an msa of approx. 465,000. now i dont know if we could add liberty because of the hinesville msa so without that it would still be about 400,000. now say you had about a 7% increase in population.(totally theoretical) with hinesville that'd be alost half a million. that was all estimation but it gives you the basic idea.
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