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  1. ????? am I crazy or am I the only one who thinks the fed should do what ever it wants with DC. After all there wouldn't be a city there at all without it.
  2. My girlfriend loves that place. And I am broke for it.
  3. Wow, this project looks awesome. I wish we could get a really nice mall like this here in philly.
  4. San Fran's resembles a least a dozen other buildings but look at this.
  5. City Hall Philadelphia The William Penn Statue, 37 feet tall, is the largest single piece of sculpture on any building in the world. The statue stands on City Hall in Philadelphia (built 1871-1901), which is the tallest building ever constructed without a skeleton of steel girders. Today, Penn is framed by modern skyscrapers with decorative nighttime lighting. Visitors can take free tours of City Hall and ride a tower elevator up to the base of Penn
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