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  1. You have heard correct, a non-clinical position hiring freeze. Not uncommon for hospitals/health systems on the east side of the state. More hospitals over here have them in place than those that do not.
  2. Allow me to pull a GRDad move after my comment. Thats BIG News...
  3. It actually looks pretty good, they are all white and scaled correctly. In the dark, the letters themselves don't glow, but the are backlit on the edges so they outline is glowing. Its hard to describe the hospital if you've never seen it, but before the block 'M's were put up, the area where they are now was very very empty. Here is the best picture I could find. But the 'M's were put up on the 2 darker tan areas that really stick out (literally), oriented so if you were looking straight at the building you would be facing them. I could take some pictures if people we
  4. Looks fantastic. And I'm thinking those renderings will be exactly what it looks like (empty) since the capacity of the new parking ramp with FAR exceed the capacity of travellers to and from the puny GRR.
  5. I was just browsing the history of this topic, and since it has been going quite a while, and I've not been on UP for that long, I found an interesting picture and had a question. Where does that thing go? Is it a functioning tunnel to the main hospital? Or will it serve some other purpose?
  6. They're slowly but surely making progress excavating the site. I'm very interested to see what it will look like when they start to build. Could someone who is more photshop savvy than myself throw together a rough sketch what the HDV Childrens Hospital will look like looking east, from the west side of the river?
  7. I hope someone could make it to the area to get some photos because they'll be attaching the skywalk from the new Spectrum buildings on Saturday. But you didn't hear that from me.
  8. *cough**cough* Temporary loading dock*cough**cough*
  9. As it stands now the Bostwick avenue entrance is level 3.
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