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  1. Okay.. update time. construction will start soon on Lakeside Village behind Chick-fil-a.. East (on the right) will be built first, and West (directly behind chick-fil-a) will be built 2nd. Woodruff has also pulled the trigger on Old Town... heavy equipment has arrived and started to move dirt. There is a small strip center that has just started construction on Bascom Court - this is right behind Willy T's. another frozen yogurt place is coming to town, they're opening in 3-4 weeks on Broadway next to Big Dog Running Company. Also, some of you talked about the construction going on by
  2. Yes, looks like it's Muscogee Manor. Construction has also started on the $9-million dollar recycling center for Columbus. Not sure on the Bass Pro, looking into it.
  3. Wendbus is Wendy's selling their buildings and/or re-financing their buildings. Columbus Center, LLC may be the land that they're clearing next to Welcome Center, Nursing Home, I think? GMC Partners is the new Georgia Military College on Blackmon Rd. Capstone to Woodruff is the office lofts that they're building by CB&T on River Rd
  4. Another Woodruff project.... going no where.
  5. I wonder if it's the same guy from Macon, because the 2008 Five Guys just opened this Monday... 4 years too late. I don't see how he could of held on to it for that long, I know some times when someone comes into an area, you don't "own" it but you have first right. Anyways, the Five Guys logo just showed up on a map of some new complexes on Gateway road being planned for late 2012 and early 2013. Nothing confirmed... they're all a little blurry anyways. CPC by Kohls will be a while, don't have any solid LOI or anything plus Adam's Brokerage is pretty slow to move on big projects, th
  6. Forgot about these... - Egg & I will be opening next to Country's North - Wing Stop will be opening next to Egg & I. - Jim Bob's Chicken Fingers (from Opelika) will be opening in front of Hobby Lobby - Nail salon has signed a lease for one of the remaining spaces next to Zoes/Five Guys. Also, looks like Fire House Subs and Five Guys may be looking for another location in the area.
  7. This is doubtful, simply because the people that own the Five Guys/Zoe's building also are developing the new CPC. We'll see though. They "may" look at the Columbus market in the future, according to their PR dept. Also, TJ Maxx is opening in the old Publix on Macon Rd. Also, the empty space next to at&t on Macon Rd will be a Dunkin Donuts.
  8. No updates on CPC, PeachMac backed out of their location in Columbus. Update on "Riverchase Centre"... site plan is below. Please don't get too excited, I highly doubt any of this will be built as it appears anytime soon. Developed by a real estate firm out of Jacksonville, FL.
  9. Yuck, looks like only 4 floors.
  10. They're building a Courtyard conference center in Phenix City, aren't they? Though, I'd rather it be in Columbus. I wish they could do something like the Cob Galleria-- hotel with conference space.
  11. $200 million dollar development planned for Phenix City + the Bass Pro Shop looking one planned for the other banks of Phenix City... .
  12. Billings is starting construction on another shopping center on Gateway Road next to Goo Goo 3 Minute Express Wash. Dirt is moving on the Goo Goo 3 Minute Express Wash. Family Dollar signs are up and they're starting the build out on Warm Springs Rd CVS building. Circle K will be building a new gas station next to Blackmon Road Billing development. Also, another BIG renovation going on across the street from Cross Country Plaza next to K Mart. See attached picture. Yogli Mogli Self Serve Yogurt is planning a location in Columbus, open by August. Costco is in town looking fo
  13. Family Dollar is planning to open in the old CVS space on Warms Springs Road-- it's going to be a very big Family Dollar. I'm hoping and praying that someone comes to the Piggly Wiggly space on Milgen Rd, with K Mart and CVS gone soon... it's not looking good for that shopping center.
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