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  1. I don't know if this had been posted or not, but there is a small crane behind the old Belle Meade Theater as work continues on that project.

    Also, a larger crane is up on the Kenner condos site right beside that. Belle Meade has it's own little crane skyline right now haha...it surprised me.

    Also work continues on the former Fuddrucker's site...steel beams are still being placed and they are above the first floor now...it's amazing how much of a difference you can tell a building like that will make with how close it will be to the street in contrast to the old Fuddrucker's building and the other fast food buildings beside it that are setback with parking lots...I know it's not everyone's favorite project but it is an improvement.

    Is there a rendering for this project?

  2. I don't know. I like the transparent look. That's really cool. But I wish there were 3 or 4 layers of the spire, like there used to be, instead of just 2. And I really hope the base is still detailed. The old one was awesome, and looked really really nice. The new one looks really boring, and just average. I hope it didn't change to much...I liked the rock.

  3. Rich people like bowling just as much as poor people. They don't always eat at gourmet restaurants. And they don't have their own grocery stores. They will just as important in the Nashville community as anybody else.

  4. What do you mean? It still says "reserved." Do you mean that reserved could possibly mean reserved, as in, "this unit is reserved to the person who just bought it"? It has said reserved the whole time.

  5. Gaushell, do you know if sales have started? Are we even allowed to know yet?

    EDIT: I went to the website, and checked out some new renderings. The pool deck looks very nice, Gaushell. :good:

  6. I just visited the ST website, and I have a question. Was the crown changed again? First it started with 4 levels of spikes, then it was 3, and now the logo has two levels of spikes and then the spire. I hope that's not how it is, because I it just doesn't look nearly as good.

  7. Just an update, my mom went to a conference that Tony Giarratana spoke at the other day, and talked with him afterwards. He basically confirmed most of what we know, that groundbreaking is this summer, and they plan on moving in in the summer of 2010. Another thing he said that I didn't know is that the six million dollar price tag on the penthouses is for a huge empty room. I knew it was custom, but I at least thought they would finish it, but no. You have to hire a contractor to finish it for you. He also said that he had to give back money to two of the reservations, who planned on dividing the units and re-selling them. He doesn't want people flipping these. It sounds good that he actually would give back two penthouse units just so that they don't resell.

    On a side note, he told her some of the people have bought the penthouses. I know Ming Wang was one of them, but I forgot the others.

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