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  1. I really like all of the streetscapes. I bet they look really nice. DT Chattanooga has a lot of green. Hopefully Nashville will proceed to do more landscaping.
  2. I really really like the Cityside Lofts. Great Design. And I love the intro on the Jefferson Building's website: Downtown...But not too Downtown. Very nice.
  3. My mom's works with the investments branch of AmSouth, and one of her clients distributes gas. I'll tell you what she says about gas prices.
  4. I'm sure we will start to see less cars on the highway and more cars in the HOV lane. My parents, I know, now carpool with their friends, taking three cars off the highway, and will use commuter rail once it opens down here. I saw gas stations selling gas for $2.45. It is estimated that each car will use about $2,400 of gas this year. Many people will not be able to afford that. I believe that this commuter rail will be a bigger success than you guys think. Gas could easily hit $2.90 to $3 plus by the end of this year. It is ridiculous, but we can't stop it. We have no choice but to go along with it. I had my speech. Sorry if I kinda lost it. I'm done now. Thanks.
  5. What about the Hillsborough River Tower? No one's mentioned it yet, but it's the second tallest approved building. I can't post the darn picture but here's the link anyways. http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=102387 It's six hundred feet tall and has to be one of the most beautiful towers I've ever seen. It is sooo cool. Check it out.
  6. OK. You're closer, so you would know. I would also consider Memphis to be a rising star though. It's really starting to pull things together.
  7. While we're in the rising stars thread, and we're talking about the Tri-Cities area, would anyone here consider it to be a rising star? I guess you could say that it's one the way to becoming a Hampton Roads-like city, but that might be a ways off. I would still say that it's a rising star. What about anyone else?
  8. I believe the tri-cities is 5th if you count their MSAs, but otherwise, only two of them, I believe, are in the top ten. And please, do get some pictures. That would be wonderful.
  9. I live in Nashville, and have not once been West of the Tennesse River (in our state, of course. I've been many other places.). I have only been to Chattanooga once, never been to Knoxville, only driven through it or gone to Gatlinburg, which is it's own little fourth neck of the woods. Like you said, our three grand divisions are truly divisions. Not much crosses between those except I-40.
  10. Yeah, I would say that's true. I'd love to learn what's goin on in my own state. I'm just not very good at the digging.
  11. Louisville, Birmingham, and Mobile can all easily become very major cities, while Richmond, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Columbia, and Huntsville gain much more recognition.
  12. Judging by the renders of I've seen from it, I doubt that it will be to hold more than just one or two rails. However, they may change their mind, and they might have designed it so that it can be improved to be able to hold more traffic. I'm really not very sure.
  13. I think it's supposed to be somewhere along the Cumberland. Maybe near the proposed Sounds stadium sight?
  14. Does anyone know if there are any updates with the progress we're making on the commuter rail? Are we on schedule, or are we falling behind?
  15. At first glance, that building is plain and ugly, but now, that does look very nice. Especially the inside. It's gorgeous! Who is that a statue of?
  16. I have a question. I don't know if it's been answered or not, but here goes. Does anyone know what the chaces of there being an extra leg to Clarksville or maybe any extensions on existing tracks?
  17. There is a similar shot of Nashville at night that is truly beautiful.
  18. Does anyone know the order in which the rail lines will open? I hope the Franklin line will start construction soon. Wouldn't it be nice if they extended it down to Columbia? I know at least a few people that would use it in Spring Hill.
  19. Is 1350 ridership a year adequate to keep this going? That doesn't seem like much at all.
  20. Nashville's is very nice. It sits on a hill smack in the middle of the city, and has a great story behind it that I'll tell you later but I have to go to bed, or my mom will kill me. Philadelphia's city hall has an incredible view from the top of the tower. I wish I had taken pictures when I was up there. The view of the city was incredible.
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