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  1. His Dickson comment was a joke. He probably just meant that Tony G is on fire, and will keep annoucing big projects. Dickson is a small suburb to the west of Nashville that probably has around 20,000 people.
  2. Well, nothing will be decided by depending on how many units are reserved. It all depends on how many are sold, and that won't happen until the sales center opens, which we don't know when that will happen, either. But if you want to help, you can always reserve a unit!
  3. Those are pretty cool. But does anyone else think that the green tint on the Viridian windows make the inside look really dull and depressing? It makes it look like the sky is cloudy everyday.
  4. I'm pretty sure that most all of Tony's projects have a good deal of street level retail. Viridian of course has the grocery store, The Encore seems to have quite a bit surrounding it, and the ST will have some retail too, including an upscale restaurant and some other shops. He's really getting better at making his buildings more friendly on the ground.
  5. Yeah, you're right about the money. He actually could have made a lot of money, probably even more than he will with the penthouse, but I think there was still the problem of not enough room for the elevators. As it is, there are very few elevators for the building, and the observation deck would probably need two. Who knows, maybe somebody else will build a tower with a rooftop deck, that way we can also see the Signature Tower (I find that to be the biggest flaw of the ESB's observation deck.)
  6. I agree, but it would be very difficult and expensive to do that, with the insurance costs and stuff. Plus, to me, it would seem weird to have an observation deck visited by thousands of people everyday in an all residential tower. And I don't think I've done this yet, but welcome to UP msg...
  7. That's right, and is very cool, I might add. I spent the night in it once. I was wondering though. Why is the planetarium a giant cone? I always thought they were domes.
  8. I would hope so. We haven't heard anything for at least a month. I really hope the sales center opens real soon. They wouldn't need a building permit if they wanted to convert the Viridian sales center to the ST sales center, would they? Gaushell! Long time no see. I saw that your team wasn't involved with the interior renderings on the site, but do you know anything about them? And is that a new avatar? I like it. Why does the crown look gold?
  9. Clint Mansell - soundtrack of Requiem for a Dream
  10. Just an update, there are now 141 reservations, and there are three new renderings of the interior lobby and club room. I gotta say, it's very, very nice. I'm jealous.
  11. Oh, right. Why would you want to do that anyway?
  12. It was a beautiful day today. Great for taking pictures...
  13. I don't really know what to say about it. It's nice, but almost looks to me more like a college campus, not an urban neighborhood.
  14. How does Music City Center sound?
  15. It was a nice tower, but I didn't like it as the tallest tower. Maybe now, as a second tallest.
  16. Great posts! Those were some nice pictures. And just a side note, there is now a crane up at the Nissan site.
  17. Do you have any pictures of the model?
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