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  1. Wow, that's one OLD rendering. Notice how different the base is. That was the old design.
  2. Yay! Do you still think sales will start this month?
  3. Great. Now in won't just be slow as Christmas, but it will be slow as Christmas and the groundbreaking of the Signature Tower.
  4. Signature sales start this month!
  5. Oh, that brings back memories of the night the model was unveiled. Good times.
  6. It's relatively new. Just a few months, I believe.
  7. New camera!? Y'all know what this means! Great pics by the way. Definately will look forward to more.
  8. I don't know. I do know though that Frontier has plans in the future to expand Nashville's flights to several more Central American destinations, so my guess is that these are those flights. Now to bed...
  9. Okay. It's time for me to go to bed anyways.
  10. But all the flights on the first list aren't direct, right? Only the ones on the second are. Because that would make more sense.
  11. Uh-oh...Someone's not telling us their secret...
  12. Curacao? Guadalajara? Ixtapa? Have we always had a flight to Mexico City? And where is Minot?
  13. I'm confused. Was that a compliment or an insult to me?
  14. Yeah, most posters from Atlanta have shown nothing but support over here. I know one in particular who has probably boosted Nashville more than anyone else on this site!
  15. Awesome. Lookin forward to it.
  16. Hey Gaushell, where are those updates you promised us?
  17. The design hasn't been released yet, has it?
  18. Rhythm Lofts, and soon after, I bet that Terrazzo will start more construction. It's off to a slow start, but I think it will get done.
  19. I'm assuming because it's so long. It would take forever to build something that massive with just one crane, and I bet the developers want to get this thing up as soon as possible.
  20. Maybe we can have a subforum off the Nashville forum. Because the Nashville forum is essentially the Middle Tennessee forum, but they had to change the name so when people googled Nashville, this would pop up. But I think a Murfreesboro forum would be great.
  21. He was talking about I-24 to Clarksville, not Murfreesboro. And IMO, of you're going to spend $280 million, you might as well spend an extra $60 million and go for the commuter rail, which would be more efficient and faster, would it not?
  22. I think it's in the long range plan to extend one of the commuter rail lines to Clarksville. And maybe, way in the future, if the Nashville-Atlanta high speed rail line is built, it could be extended to Clarksville and Saint Louis, but that's way in the future.
  23. Yeah, I think that the Murfreesboro line is already in planning. And it was close between 3 and 4. I really just put it in that order because of bias. And the last two, I think it will be a while before they get built, because there doesn't seem to be much demand, unless someone else proves me wrong.
  24. 1. East (Hermitage, Mt. Juliet and Lebanon) obviously 2. Southeast (Hickory Hollow, LaVergne, Smyrna and Murfreesboro) already planning 3. South (Brentwood, Cool Springs, Franklin and Columbia) - lots of demand 4. Northeast (Briley Parkway, Hendersonville and Gallatin) - also lots of demand. Probably earlier if it includes a stop at the airport 5. West (Belle Meade, Bellevue and Kingston Springs) 6. Northwest (Northern Cheatham County including Ashland City) 7. North (Robertson County including Springfield)
  25. Yes it does. And plus, I'm here, and that's all that matters! BTW, welcome to the forum, and thanks for the info on the planes. I never knew that.
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