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  1. I doubt he would want to spend that kind of money on a powerful light, but that balloon idea would be cool.
  2. I think Mandarin Oriental would be stretching it a bit. They're only in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, and Chicago in America. It would probably be a stretch to get Nashville in there. Plus, I think their hotels are usually bigger.
  3. I'll try. I'm not the best with computers. It took this long just to figure out how to get people's names in the quote boxes. How would I go about doing that?
  4. That definately needs to be my backround.
  5. You would think it will be. All the other focus city states have one.
  6. Where'd my post go? I swear I posted here in response to this... Well anyway, this is great news. Looking forward to knowing the hotel. How's the newest video coming along gaushell? And just wondering, where did you come up with that name? I know this is random, but I've been wondering for the longest time. And I'm guessing something pretty upscale. It could be anywhere from a Park Hyatt to an InterContinental (you never know) to my favorite, a Four Seasons.
  7. Lexy, somewhere you listed Southwest's focus cities, and I can't find them anywhere. What are they again?
  8. I don't know. I personally think they're keeping it secret. The condo boom is just starting in Nashville, where as in Atlanta it's been going for several years. I don't think Nashville's quite through yet.
  9. So, does anyone know what's going on? Is there a hotel? What are the latest reservation counts?
  10. I agree. I love Nashville. I love Memphis. I love Franklin. I love Tennessee! It's a great state with great cities, each having the goods and bads. Nashville has cars. Memphis has planes. Nashville has health care. Memphis has biotech. Nashville has music. And, oh wait, so does Memphis! They're both great cities who are getting better, and still have a lot more they can accomplish. Isn't that something we can agree on? Oh, and by the way. I posted a reply in a thread about America's friendliest city, and trying not to be a homer (I should have.) I thought, what other city could I say that would kind of relate to where I live? And after about a half a second of thinking, I said Memphis. I was wondering, I've never been there (I need to.), and I really don't know if people are friendly. I assume they are, but don't know. Are y'all friendly?
  11. That FAQ was very helpful. I really like this project so much more now. I think they're doing it right. Like having free tickets on MTA buses and having dedicated shuttles. That's a smart move, as is the idea for the emergencies. I'm starting to have a lot more confidence in this project. And that cost comparison should really help people get over the price of the tickets.
  12. Don't you think we would've heard something by now if he dropped the hotel? I mean, they've been pretty good at giving us the updates.
  13. Yeah, I saw that mistake too. Not only is the top floor closer to about 900 feet, but the tip of the spire is only at 1047 feet! Oh, well, they made sound even bigger! I was also very interested about them saying that he's interested in his 9 acre gulch property, and was still planning on building Encore Phase II, unless they were wrong about that too, which wouldn't surprise me. I was also interested when Tony himself said that, unless I'm mistaken, he wants to have restaurant, lounge, wine bar, etc. in the Encore (which has a very nice new render!). Maybe he was just talking about SoBro in general, I don't know.
  14. Yeah could probably support trains running both ways all day.
  15. I think it's great. Any of those options would work, preferably the commuter rail, which would probably be cheapest and most efficient. Murfreesboro should definately be the next place that the Music City Star should go. They could also do the BRT, but I think it would cost more, and wouldn't get commuters to Nashville as quickly.
  16. Oh good. I'll be sure to stay up and see it. And BTW, it's duct tape, with a t.
  17. Course, the view will be obstructed from many angles due to the hills pretty much circle Nashville. But there should be some good view from the interstates.
  18. I know it doesn't really mean much, but InterContinental Hotels is shown as being involved with the project on the Emporis site. I don't know why, but it does. On a side note, there is also the proposed "SoBro Office Tower" there too.
  19. What are the latest reservation counts?
  20. I would jump off a bridge if it played Greased Lightnin', but I admit, it would be cool if it would spin.
  21. Why are they holding some?
  22. Hmm that makes me wonder. For the people that have already reserved, will they have to pay the price that it was when they reserved, or the new price? And skyscrapergeek, I also counted 144.
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