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    The finishes that the VUE offers are higher end than the Ave and Trademark. The VUE offers professional kitchens and really nice bathrooms. Top of the line hardwood floors, appliances, cabinets, finishes/fixtures, and bathrooms have an immediate impact on the $/sq ft.
  2. I am glad Novare is listening to it's customer base., but the Catalyst is not Novare's first construction project. I would have thought with 16 or so construction projects under their belt that they would have been using smoother concrete forms sooner as opposed to later.
  3. With an extremely low vacancy rate for office space uptown, I am surprised that nothing has been annouced regarding the development of this block. Has anyone heard anything new?
  4. Any word on what company is doing the bowling?
  5. The Avenues required 5% down from buyers who intended to live in the unit and 10% down from investors. I do not recall minimum requirements (such as living in the unit for a minimum of period of time) before an investor would be considered an normal buyer with a 5% down payment.
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