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  1. and to answer the question about raising the bridge, considering it is 15-20 feet above grade going south from there, it would probably be cheaper to lower Glenwood Avenue going under the bridge. But I wouldn't favor them doing ANYTHING to encourage truck traffic other than local deliveries on Peace west of the RR tracks. If those guys need to get from downtown to Cameron Village, they need to do the Capital to Wade to Daniels or Oberlin loop. NOT cutting through an incipient pedestrian area like W. Peace Street.
  2. Is it common in commercial real estate in this area to cash out like that halfway through construction? Is this just a financial risk spreading measure?
  3. If the developer has the deep pockets to pull this off, hopefully the City Council has the cajones to require them to build a new interchange on 440. St. Aban's is a quick shortcut from North HIlls to the W.F. Road corridor now. I'd hate to see it become a traffic choked nightmare due to failure to impose adequate transportation facilities like the big cluster that is Glenwood Avenue and Brier Creek Parkway
  4. does this project include the parcel on the other side of the railroad tracks (reachable by a bridge where Kinsey Street crosses the tracks)? For our history folks was this area part of the poor areas that occupied the bottomlands along Walnut Creek from here southward, and the NCAE and Chamber buildings were built as part of 1960's slum clearance? I noticed the other day that there are some very old and large trees on the NCAE property that appear to far predate the building itself...
  5. does this mean the old turntable will be demolished? Knowing Raleigh, the answer is probably yes, because this company clearly doesn't have the imagination to actually incorporate interesting site features into its building...
  6. THat row of white rectangles along West Street...Please tell me those are going to eventually be the glass windows of the Publix!! Surely they wouldn't make the grocery store a dark windowless cubbyhole...
  7. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/counties/wake-county/article239498378.html Like Baldwin's comments about the design. The rather blah Marriott was a huge missed opportunity. Downtown continues to lack a signature hotel, and it is a major drawback. Don't think this smallish parcel is going to be the answer, though...
  8. more on the Millbrook milldam (does someone on this site work for ABC11?) https://abc11.com/5189028/?fbclid=IwAR3Z6FmslRvIYXKpFgqyl1wMZWM9FX3vdBGcp15P4iGxFB7ftqbpmLeX2H0
  9. I guess this explains why noone wants to build condos anymore? Redevelopment well nigh impossible because someone always wants to be the holdout?
  10. IF this is the site just across the extension of Johnson Street, they have cleared the land. Things slope upward from Peace Street, so it will start off about a story higher than Phase 1. Given the drab one story 1960s institutional stuff that was there before, it certainly is an upgrade even if it eventually ends up shorter than 40 stories. I think something that high will never be built, because I don't see how the financials work on that given how many vacant parcels there are downtown. (i.e. unlike Manhattan, for example, land is cheap and plentiful in downtown Raleigh)
  11. here is the n&O article on the Days Inn replacement: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/article224297220.html
  12. This sort of hulks over the extension of Harrington Street. Unless they do some nice things at street level here and where they leveled the old commercial strip, it will pretty much destroy any pedestrian character to this stretch of Peace.
  13. THis is the old fleabag motel at the corner of Lane and Dawson/McDowell. Last thing on the left before you pass Babylon heading north out of downtown. Noticed the construction fence up earlier this week. That restaurant has been at least four different things over the last 10 years, none of which made it. Was a sub place for the longest and most successful run.
  14. but if you were going to tear them down, why go to trouble of carefully removing all the windows from the structure? Is there some strange demolition rule about plate glass?
  15. FYI, in the three old buildings right by the new bridge, the windows have been removed from the Rollins building and a construction fence is going up around them (which indicates renovation rather than demolition, doesn't it? Hopefully?) Have plans been announced for this strip? These have the potential to be the most attractive retail streetscape on the stretch of Peace between Glenwood and Salisbury/Halifax (granted, that isn't exactly a picturesque stretch...
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