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  1. I think the Griz will make it to the playoffs too, but do you think they can get past the first round this year?
  2. i can't believe they will be tearing down a building for a parking lot! Nick Clark needs to rethink this idea!
  3. Yes if you have noticed all of the new construction over the last ten years or so, it has been creeping south towards Beale. I think this is a natural progression in One Beale being the next piece. First it was the Peabody Place Tower and development, then AutoZone Bldg, then the FedExForum, then the Westin, now One Beale. It's great although I suspect in ten years when all of these projects are visible there will be two different downtowns. One of blue/green glass near Beale and the old downtown closer to I-40
  4. does anyone have pictures of Jonesboro?
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