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  1. The city of Augusta was ranked by MSNBC last week in the top 9% of employment growth in the USA and the top 20% in recession recovery. Development Authority of Richmond County Executive Director Walt Sprouse said in a press release, “The Augusta area continues to put up impressive numbers concerning the local economy. Augusta is (a) the 23rd Strongest Economy in the United States, (b) the 6th Strongest Building Market for Housing in the United States, the 21st Best Housing Market in the United States, (d) 79th out of 392 metro areas in the United States for Economic Health during the nationwide recession, and (e) #36 out of 392 metro areas in the United States for Employment Growth. Our inquiries at the Development Authority are at an all-time high, thanks to these strong economic factors and Augusta’s excellent workforce.” http://www.nbcaugusta.com/news/local/65983562.html
  2. It seems alot of Augusta's posters are on city data. There is still tons of construction in Augusta going on. Alexander road will recieve $9 million to widen the road. Several office buildings going up in West Augusta along perimeter pkwy and wheeler road. There is a new restaurant and knology building going up in West Augusta along wheeler rd and walton way ext. The Johnson building downtown has been purchased, it will be turned into retail/residential.The Kroc center on Broad street in Harrisburg starts construction in oct/nov of this year. The Kroc Centr will have a mill village across from the center. The mill village will include offices, homes, shops, and restaurants. Several houses on Broad street near the kroc center have already been demolished. Broad street burgers will be demolished and then relocate to another area of Harrisburg. MCG's School of Dentistry groundbreaking is September 30th. MCG's dorms are under constructon near Paine College. The Fairfield Inn on Gordon hwy in South Augusta is open for business. ''The Gateway'' the walmart strip center on Grovetown's I-20 exit is almost complete. The $30 million American tire facility is still under construction in South Augusta off Gordon hwy. Aiken revamped their old train depot in their downtown. There is still massive construction on I-20/I-520. The Palmetto pkwy in North Augusta is coming along with construction. Exit 5 on I-20 in North Augusta is becoming a very hot area in terms of growth. I think Thomson's, Grovetown's and North Augusta's exit 5 since it has two exits. All these I-20 exits will look similar to the Augusta exchange area in West Augusta in 7-10 years. The Westobou festival starts today. A ten day Arts festival in Augusta, over 100,000 people showed up last year. There is a story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Westobou. Experience Augusta's arts scene at Westobou *{sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} ajc.com
  3. In a sign of progress for the local economy, Mercedes-Benz of Augusta opened its new showroom today. The expansion at Washington Rd. and Patriots Way is a $5,000,000 project. Several employees have been added too, and there are more service bays at the dealership now. Group One Automotive of Houston now owns the dealership, which employs about 80 people.
  4. New condos and retail space are planned for the former Woolworth building, which has been vacant since 1992. Atlanta-based Redstar Development will begin renovations this summer, possibly in July. The $2.5 million project includes 15 second-floor condos and street-level retail space. The renovations should take 10 months, said project manager Vince Williams. The developers are "talking to big-box tenants," but they will most likely split the 20,000-square-foot retail space into four or five spaces, he said. The development company has completed similar projects in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami and Baltimore. Condos slated for Woolworth building
  5. Plans to redevelop the Laney Walker-Bethlehem neighborhood. The city of Augusta is investing millions in new homes and retail space. The move is intended to revive an historic district and drive in tourist. That's where the new redevelopment plan comes in, boasting new and renovated homes. There are three components. "One is security," said Chester Wheeler, director of Housing and Community Development. "We'll have decorative fencing on the front. We'll also have sidewalks that have trees. We'll have rear alley entrances for garages so that individuals can move into their garage and into the house. The last component is commercial retail. We'll have housing on the top, and retail on the bottom." $37.5 million in hotel/motel tax dollars will make it all possible. "It's an extremely important initiative for our city," said Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver. He went on to stress pre-approval. Demolition and construction is expected to begin in March along Pine Street. New homes have already started to emerge along Holley Street. Augusta commissioners have approved spending $750,000 a year for the next 50 years on inner city re-development. Work begins on $37 million, "long overdue" inner city overhaul
  6. - $1.5 million to replace fire alarm monitoring system, asbestos abatement and cooling tower at East Central Regional Hospital in Gracewood. - $6 million to design a Consolidated Medical Education Commons at Medical College of Georgia. Perdue's budget has MCG project
  7. The St. Sebastian Way project will connect River Watch Parkway to the medical center. Fly-over bridges will cross the canal.
  8. Not to mention the green building, the emporium, and 100,000 for paving the sidewalks downtown specifically broad street. Downtown's growth is going very good. The crane you saw is part of the St. Sebastian way. The project is only 30 million dollars. But when I ride downtown the project has about 7 cranes to itself. Three cranes on riverwatch pkwy, 3 on broad street, and 1 right infront of the medical district.
  9. There was reason to celebrate this past Thursday night on Broad Street: We saw the continuing wave of new private investment in downtown Augusta. Several out-of-towners have become valued community partners COMING ON THE heels of ESi, Toole Engineering and R.W. Allen's renovations, Metro Construction Group realized their dream of restoring the former J.B. White building exactly one year to the date of beginning. The building, which has sat vacant for more than two decades, is now one of the most spectacular multi-use redevelopments we have ever seen. The project -- which houses residences, offices, restaurants and retail -- will set the bar for future development in downtown Augusta. What you probably know is that the developers are from Atlanta. At Thursday's grand opening, it was announced that they were enrolling their children in school for the fall and moving in the building this weekend until construction of their homes are complete. What a statement that makes. Two outsiders saw the greatness of our city. Welcome home to the Loudermilks and the Raeisghasems. There will be more reason to celebrate in the near future. Harry Kitchen of the Foxfield Co. will bring a new 60,000-square-foot, Class A office building out of the ground on the city's Pension Property. We have not seen new upscale construction in downtown Augusta since the early 1990s. This multi-use project also will include a new hotel and luxury condominiums. Finally, we welcome Cortland Dusseau from Birmingham, Ala. What you probably know is that he is the hotel developer for the new multi-use project near Augusta Common. This new project will contain not only a hotel, but condominiums and retail space as well.
  10. Traffic officials have built Richmond County's first roundabout on Scott Nixon Memorial Drive as part of a larger project to connect the road to Wheeler Road. Mason McKnight Parkway, as the new road will be called, is currently under construction and will be the new thoroughfare for several commercial developments planned near the Richmond and Columbia County line. It will feed traffic to several new stores, including a 67,768-square-foot outdoor retailer called Gander Mountain and a 24,488-square-foot Northern Tool & Equipment. Development in the area has also led traffic planners to consider extending the nearby Frontage Road to the roundabout on Scott Nixon Memorial Drive but plans are still being discussed, according to Steve Cassell, a Richmond County traffic engineer. At least eight other locations have been discussed for roundabout intersections. Mr. Cassell said he has been in talks with officials from the Medical College of Georgia and Paine College for a project near Druid Park Avenue and Laney-Walker Boulevard, he said. Officials call new circle safest traffic option Crews have installed Richmond County's first roundabout intersection on Scott Nixon Memorial Drive. The roundabout is being billed as safer and more efficient for an area that will see commercial development.
  11. July 31 opening set for White's Building The renovated 80,000-square-foot building will contain 51 condos and first-floor commercial space. The White Azalea restaurant and Casablanca Cafe coffee shop are scheduled to open in early August. A vintage clothing store will also be a tenant, according to the owners, Atlanta-based Horizon Group Investments. Construction of the third- and fourth-floor condos could be completed by the end of the year. The white's building will have 80 condos in all.
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