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  1. That's right. You're much safer at, say... 3:30pm on Main St in NLR.
  2. The sad part is that the LRPD Downtown Substation is just a little over 1/2 mile from Juanita's. During shift change the police are crawling all over this area. But they never seem to be there when needed most -- e.g. when bars close, new years eve, etc. A few months ago when a man was shot just 200ft (no exaggeration) from this substation's front door, their response time was still over 5 minutes. I don't know if they ever caught the shooter. I wonder about the effectiveness of those police neighborhood watch centers. The one in the Rivermarket probably works well due to the dense pede
  3. Interesting that article still refers to it as "Wild Oats". And this from the Wild Oats faq: "Will my Wild Oats or Capers store continue to be a Wild Oats or Capers even after the merger? Whole Foods plans to continue to operate our Wild Oats and Capers Community Market stores and, in fact, will make significant capital investments to remodel acquired stores before re-branding them as Whole Foods Market stores. Before making any decisions, Whole Foods will review each store individually to see where it fits in the overall plan. In some areas, remodeling and re-branding or relocating st
  4. I overheard a conversation saying that a bicycle shop was to move in at that location. But I don't have details, and I can't substantiate. I think such a business would be good in that area. Wasn't it Chainwheel that bugged out of Hillcrest some years back?
  5. There must be something in the works. There's a few retirement communities at the end of Aldersgate. I think some of their residents have been getting worked up about plans to expose their quiet cul-de-sac to thru-traffic. I got the impression the plan was to continue Aldersgate to 36th, though. Connecting to Shackleford would make more sense.
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