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  1. Looking for pics of Shreveport neighborhoods, Herby-K and new downtown skyscraper shot to include the Horsehoe
  2. To SBC and MetLife- Go head on, what a snazzy hotel for Shreveport. That's what I am talking about!!!!!!! I am driving to Shreveport tomorrow morning !!!!!
  3. Please accept my apolgy. I just meant that blacks need to be given the same opportunuities in New Orleans as white. Just think of all the great minds that are leaving NOLA. A city that produces everyome from Prima, Marsalis, Armstrong to Connick to Lagasse and the world best cusinem music and culture can't bounce back. New Orleans area is home to one of the largest ports in the world, oil reserves. Did anyone know that pound for pound Louisiana has more natural resources than any other state. Housing: Develop large subdivision basis on NOLA architecture Traitors list: Ruth Chris
  4. Don't give up-run for office and change things. It is just a shame that a city with New Orleans potential is being wasted. Traitors are companies like Ruth Chris who left new orleans. Maybe a Marshall plan is needed for New orleansone that screws bureauracy and get some express service for the resident there. I am sorry that I offend you but I love the city and its culture. Who was the last gool politician NOLA had? Is Bobby jindl the saviour. The Creoles, African Americans, Sicilians, Irish, Hispanics and Vietnamese can still save this city if they work together. One of the reason whites are so prejudice against blacks is becasue of the crime. The professional blacks do have point becasue they have been held back by NOLA good old boys for so long that they flee to Houston, Atlanta or Dallas or become criminals
  5. I am so tired of these lazy , that a do Louisianan who can get there stuff together. Especially, in New Orleans. you rather go to Atlanta thatn buld your own community up-Traitors. Developer now it your time to shine-where are the Donald Trumps of NOLA. New Orleans inner core and culture is much better than Dallas or Atlanta. Where is the former KKK David Duke doing-instead of hating he should be helping the NOLA metro area. How can the greatest city in the South be run by such fools. Nagin get off your butt and curse the congress again. Great areas for development after the levees and marshland are fix are Lake Borgne and St Bernard Parish and along the Miss River. i hope I can get some amens
  6. I think the U S census numbers are just estimates too. If Shreveport has grown so much on the Southeast side of town this figure could be possible. I know Shreveport took in some Katrina victims and I know the hispanic community is growing there as well. Bossier City is growing fast also. I project around 65,000. On another note Sports Clips , I believe was started by Jay Novachek the former Dallas Cowboy tight in. Since Shreveport is so close to Dallas , I am quite sure that they will be getting more new franchises. it looks like SBC is beginning to take off
  7. I disagree, I think Shreveport population is around 215,000. See Money Magazine estimate below of best places to live 2006 2005 Winners Top 100 Cities States FAQ High incomes Coldest Pricey homes Educated Job growth Hottest Most singles Youngest Skinniest Clean air Shreveport, LA Population: 216,146 Compare Shreveport to Top 10 Best Places
  8. All I can say man that it is really sad that Shreveport is losing population. Really sad!
  9. Cross road man you hit the nail on this one. New Orleans will one day regain its crowna as the South's greatest city.
  10. Oh I forgot my favorite Deli of all time- Jason Deli' I hope Shreveport-Bossier has one or planning to get one. Whoever in SBC gets that franchise has a gold mine.
  11. PF Chang in San Antonio and Austin is way overrated and over priced. J Alexander you get great bang and value for the buck. Does SBC have a Zio Italian restaurant or a Rudy's BBQ chain yet. Fuddruckers and the Macroni Grill got it start in San Antonio. what are some of the new chains plan or coming to SBC.
  12. Nice- What other major developments are happening in New Orleans? Is the city repopulating well? I really believe that metro New Orleans will be over 2 mil in 7 years
  13. It would be nice if Shreveport could get a PF Chang or J Alexander Restaurants.
  14. Its a shame so many neighborhood area were left out - I know Southern Hills and South Highlands were. It was a nice brief of the area of SBC for people trying to remeber Shreveport- I remember Fair Park represented the near west and Byrd Hi represented the near East. Is the Spring Lake area included in Cedar Grove? Is the Bert Kouns Loop a part of I 220 to make a circular loop around the city. What is Shreveport-Bossier underground newspaper called? I think an outsider could get the real skinny from that media
  15. I thought Baton Rouge population was about 500,000 and 800,000 in the metro. I heard the city population double after Katrina
  16. Man that looks awesome !!! What that in Friday's New Orleans paper. I wish I could see a computer module of what the city woul look like in 2 years. I am also interested in replacing East N.O. neighnorhood with the a new orlean styule housing for the returning evacs. I think that if New Orlean /Biloxi/Baton Rouge area one day will rival anything on the East coast except for Florida
  17. Hey when Shreveport had a baseball team They played San Antonio. Any city in the Texas League is fair game including Corpus Christi
  18. Shreveport and Bossier city should merge and become one city
  19. Why don't Shreveport and Bossier City merge and become one city
  20. Bradley for Mayor. What are Bradley issues that you disagree on?
  21. How did you hear about it. there must be some print media or video media about the project. Please send me info about the project.
  22. This bldg the old library is one of the most beautiful bldg in the South and right in the middle of the the most cosmos area of the city. Would love a pic of this bldg surrounded by the huge skyscrapers. Would love pics of the highlands area to include Fairfield and the churches on the Kings Hwy and Line Ave and all the beautiful churches in the area
  23. I can't believe how short sighted some people are. don't you know that other cities are competing agianst SBC for industry. I am not comparing for the sake of comparing but I there is no excuse for Shreveport to be so static= Other cities have long diversified their economies that spark growth. I can name numerous mid size cities in the Southland that are surpassing Shreveport. When the pop is static for thirty years something is wrong their. Bossier city pop has not grown that significant either. The pop of Shreveport s.b at least 300,000 and Bossier s/b at leat 100,000 in the city limits alone. Hey I love SBC as much as you do . I am just tired of the area being the bridesmaid and never the bride.
  24. FYI- San Antonio had gained 185,000 people just in the city limits since 2000, not counting the huge gains in the metro area. What is happening there. Where other city brag about getting big developemnts you are just satisfied getting a Super Target store. shreveport is three times the size of Bossier, I think that Shreveporter are starting to get jealous of Bossier.
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