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  1. brokenraven

    SouthPark Mall

    Lol Crabtree Mall is the epitome of lavish style and extravagance so I don't know what you're talking about
  2. brokenraven

    SouthPark Mall

    I hate A{sodEmoji.|}X too and I'm proud that there isn't one in Charlotte.
  3. brokenraven

    SouthPark Mall

    Is True Religion open already? It's listed on their website now.
  4. brokenraven

    The Good News Report

    Lol they also have 564 positions open in NY city alone.
  5. brokenraven

    SouthPark Mall

    Where does the rumor come from? Things can turn around quickly; the last I heard about Neiman Marcus is that it had an amazing grand opening and that they were planning a restaurant. I suppose the poor economy is the main culprit?
  6. brokenraven

    SouthPark Mall

    I'm definitely not conservative and yet I seem to be the only person here that's proud that Charlotte doesn't have an A{sodEmoji.|}X
  7. brokenraven

    SouthPark Mall

    The Southpark website says Michael Kors is open now. Has anybody had a chance to swing by yet?
  8. brokenraven

    EpiCentre Retail

    Yes. I think this is one of the most disappointing projects in a long time. Perhaps if they'd have known that the tower portion was not going to get built then they could have spent more money on making the retail portion more bearable.
  9. brokenraven

    Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Merger

    I think it's because so much of Charlotte's success is attributable to Bank of America. Many people in Charlotte probably realize this fact and that if BofA were to leave, there would be an enormous void left. BofA leaving Charlotte is the one thing that would singlehandedly destroy Charlotte's economy and that fact probably seems to loom over some peoples' minds. So it's not an inferiority complex so much as it is obssesive paranoia.
  10. brokenraven

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    ^So I realize that may have sounded like a really negative comment and I didn't mean for it to be. I really enjoy living in Raleigh, I just would never have thought in a million years that a Neiman Marcus would even consider opening a store here.
  11. brokenraven

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    That is difficult to believe. You mean for the entire company? Every time I've ever been in there it's been, well, dead. Where did you hear that? And I know it's not likely for Saks to relocate, but don't you think it's more attainable for Crabtree to pursue that rather than getting Neiman Marcus to open up shop? I mean, they already have a store in Charlotte so a Raleigh location would only further dilute the name. Not that Raleigh isn't a nice place to live, but I think "PhD" when I hear Raleigh, not "high fashion".
  12. brokenraven

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    ^Especially not at Crabtree. It's not a bad mall (well, as far as malls go), but surely it's very far from getting a Neiman Marcus. I think a more feasible option would be to convince Saks to relocate.
  13. brokenraven

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    Neiman Marcus? At Crabtree? Am I the only one that thinks this sounds insane?
  14. brokenraven

    SouthPark Mall

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe that Charlotte had a Bang & Olufsen at one point. Obviously, that is no longer the case.
  15. brokenraven

    SouthPark Mall

    Do we know how long it will take to open?